The Toy Man 50 Best Product 2009

The Toy Man® Product Guide 2009

"Best of 2009"

There are always lists of the best products every year with Dr. Toy, Creative Child, and iParenting award programs, just to name a few. These award programs are great to use for your holiday season buying plans.

What makes our list so special?...

The Toy Man® Product Guide has the most in-depth and lengthy product evaluations in the industry. Out of 546 products inducted, these products were selected by qualified independent industry experts, for inclusion in The Toy Man® Product Guide - "Best of 2009".



* an editor's favorite

With the structure for the selection of the The Toy Man® Product Guide - "Best of 2009" being such that it is a "group" choice, each evaluator has their own unique perspective on positive point on products. The "editor's favorite™", ef notation provides me, as the chief editor of The Toy Man® Product Guide™, an opportunity to provide recognition of the products that are my own personal favorites. My judgment is based primarily yet not entirely upon the following factors:

  • Functionality
  • Educational Value
  • Contribution to Skill Development
  • Marketability
  • Visual Appeal
  • FunFactor™ (If applicable)
The products that have received the "ef™" notation are products which I feel are an invaluable investment and/or provide a substantial contribution to positive skill growth and productivity. Most important of all to me are the products which contribute to education. Education is the foundation of success and has a long term impact in the lives of everyone.

PRESS RELEASE: [ 25 December, 2009 ] - The Toy Man® Product Guide Announces The “Best of 2009” Top Fifty Products

Balboa Baby Adjustable Sling


Balboa Baby® "Dr. Sears" Adjustable Sling

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091004-367

The Adjustable Sling by Balboa Baby® is so soft and comfortable that “slinging” your baby will feel totally natural for both of you. Designed to grow as your baby does, the Balboa Sling offers parents hands free...

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Frog Kiss Hand Crafted Animal Hooded Towels Image

Frog Kiss Designs - Handcrafted Hooded Towels

Induction Certificate Number: 74020081006-282

"Towels with personality for kids with character". They are all 100% thick & thirsty cotton. They are generous in size (approx. 30"x54")-so there is lots of room to grow. They are great for bath time, swim time and play time.

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Balboa Baby Nursing Cover    editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020081006-282

The innovative Balboa Baby® Nursing Cover allows you to feel comfortable and confident nursing your baby anywhere. The Nursing Cover is contoured to fit around you and your baby – keeping the fabric securely in place so you can nurse at ease.

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Books, CD's & DVD's

Math Tutor DVD Image


WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091026-372 has created the Young Minds series of DVD's to introduce young children to the joys of learning Math at a young age. This DVD in Numbers and Counting teaches young children to count from 1 to 10 by way of engaging classical music, photographs, and video.

My Cow Moo

My Cow Moo Cowbination Pack

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090824-354

Moo is a blue-and-white cow born to a black-and-white pasture in CowTown, USA. Rather than look at that as a deficit, Moo realizes that there must be more to life than eating grass. So she leaves in search of fun, friendship and really good food. Because it is around food that we all come together as a cowmunity!

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Meet The Feelin Friends Audio CD

Meet the Feeling Friends Audio CD

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090615-326

A difficult task for parents just got a lot easier. That's because a new compilation audio CD, "Meet the Feeling Friends", helps children understand what feelings are and how to best communicate their feelings to others. The audio CD encourages children to explore and express their feelings by identifying with 12 diverse Feeling Friends characters.

Meet The Feeling Freinds Book

Meet the Feeling Friends

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090615-327

Meet the Feeling Friends is the first of thirteen books in the Feeling Friends series. Designed for pre-K to beginning-readers, the book transports children to Feeling Free Island, a magical place where children are free to express their feelings in a world as vibrant as their own imaginations.

Art See Smart See

The Eyes Have It With artsee smartsee   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090810-350

This may seem like a wannabe comedy comment, but the facts say it all. The eyes have it with artsee smartsee and its cavalcade of sound, classical music, geometric shapes and basic colors all combined into one incredible experience!

Rock n' Multiplcation Rap DVD Image

Little PIM Foreign Language and Fun

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090323-316

Little Pim is a foreign language immersion DVD series for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Each program is available individually or in a discounted three-disc set in Spanish, French, Chinese, English (ESL), Japanese, Hebrew, and Italian.

The Two Tuba Switch

The Two Tuba Switch

Induction Certificate Number: 74020081201-153

“The Two-Tuba Switch” is an educational product that includes a story picture book and a set of toys. A delightful tale, with illustrations brilliantly drawn to engage and entertain the child, the story deals with shyness and self-acceptance.

Image of the Meet The Sight Words 2 DVD and link to web site.

WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091214-385

Many words don't follow basic decoding rules and are taught in pre-k and kindergarten classrooms as "sight words", "instant words", "high frequency words" or "star words." A new reader finds sight words very frustrating until they are memorized. A good reader will be able to instantly recognize "sight words" without having to 'figure them out'. Now children can master "sight words" with the same rapid speed that they learned letters, numbers, shapes and colors.

Image of the Rock N' Learn  Human Boy DVD and link to web site

WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091221-377

Explore the systems of the human body—skeletal, nervous, muscular, circulatory, urinary, respiratory, and digestive systems. Also learn about the five senses and view the bonus segment on healthy nutrition, exercise, and MyPyramid. Meets National Science Education Standards..

Itza Bitza

Itza Bitza   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090817-349

ItzaBitza is a mouse and monitor PC drawing game for early readers. Childrens' drawings are incorporated into the video game story line. Through real time participation, children are challenged with creative thinking, problem solving and reading comprehension.

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Consumer Electronics & Accessories

Image of Picture Keeper and link to Picture Keeper web site.


Picture Keeper 8GB Thumb Drive

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090928-366

Anyone with a computer and digital camera today is all too familiar with the joy of "trying" to keep digital images in sort of order and classification, yet more often than not, their efforts prove futile. Picture Keeper solves that problem and best of all, it is easy to use, affordable, and convenient.

Image of The Total Blender

WebSite -   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091221-378

Total Blender is the all-in-one appliance that makes the ultimate smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas and more!. Total Blender automatically speeds up and slows down, then shuts off when the cycle is complete. It has so much power (1500 Watts) that it turns ice to snow and comes with an Ice-Crushing Guarantee!


Bella Sara Trading Cards Image


WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020081020-284

Bella Sara is a unique combination of collectable horse-themed trading cards and a magical online world for kids at BellaSara. Each Bella Sara trading card features a fairytale-like illustration of a horse along with a positive message such as "Beauty comes from within..." They are designed to stimulate pro-social dialogue among kids, and between kids, their parents and educators.

Image of The Merbs game, The Spoils of Civilization and link to the game web site.

The Merbs - The Spoils of Civilization   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090720-330

The Spoils of Civilization is a motivational tool used to increase the interest in school work. The game uses a storyline of characters called MERBS which is an acronym for Mathematically Educated Randomized Buyers. The game is played by having students earn money for tasks (homework, class work, test, quizzes) and then investing that money in a stock market that is used to build an economy in the game.

Chess3 Game Image

WebSite -   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091214-380

Chess is already a game which has been a classic game for generations; a game which stimulates the mind and influences strategic developmental skills. Chess3 takes this game of strategy and focus, magically infuses fun into the game Play and transforms the normal 2 player Chess challenge. It transforms it into an even greater level of challenge as a 3 player Chess game...Chess 3™.

Comet, The fast path to learning.

WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020080614-243

Comet, The Fast Path to Learning, is an engaging way to learn and spell. The foundation of the game is built using dictionary meanings, world facts and legends; the best in knowledge about science, geography, and history. Comet, The Fast Path to Learning is a fun and stimulating game which turns learning into a fun adventure.

Wackelkuh - Wiggling Cow Board Game

Wackelkuh - Wiggling Cow Board Game

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091026-370

Elsa the wiggling cow loves to eat fresh grass. In this game the question which comes into play is how much grass can you pull from under Elsa before she tips over? It looks a lot easier than you might think. It is definitely a curious game of skill and technique.

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Comet - the fast path to learning...

Portrayal - A BrainCog Creation

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090810-351

In each hilarious round of Portrayal, one player (the Portrayer) describes a unique and utterly bizarre image while the other players (the Artists) attempt to draw the image based solely on the Portrayer's description. Once time is up, Artists trade drawings and the ten hidden criteria for the image are uncovered. It's up to each Artist to decide whether the drawing he or she is judging meets the criteria and receives points.

Image of Blunders and link to the product evaluation summary,,,


Induction Certificate Number: 74020091214-378

Blunders® is a board game which teaches children between ages 5 to 10 about social and dining etiquette. In other words, how not to be an obnoxious, disrespectful, pain in the rump, in what may very well be the most unique, interactive, and entertaining way ever imagined...

Image of Jishaku and link to the product evaluation summary,,,


Induction Certificate Number: 74020081020-286

Jishaku™ is a patent-pending, portable strategy game like chess or checkers that can be played anywhere – the kitchen or the beach. But unlike chess, there is an element of surprise when the magnets jump out of position, without warning. There is no predicting what will happen from one moment to the next when playing Jishaku.

Image of Pink Panther Animal Rescue and link to the product evaluation summary,,,

Pink Panther Animal Rescue!

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090209-310

A non-profit volunteer organization is working on saving endangered animals. The Pink Panther is recruited to help the organization. This product offers kids fulfilling games that encourage thinking and important learning skills including developing general knowledge, memory and problem solving skills.

Image of Smash or Trash and link to the product evaluation summary,,,

Smash or Trash

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090615-328

Smash or Trash is the game where players make up hysterical new lyrics to popular hit music! You can guarantee the dust will be shaken off some brain cells with this game! Smash or Trash is an excellent source for creating social interaction and tapping into your creative skills that you may not even realize you have!

Image of Dreamboix Games and link to the product evaluation summary,,,

DreamBox Learning K-2 Math

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090804-337

DreamBox Learning K-2 Math is the next generation of online learning - it provides an in-depth math curriculum and completely individualized learning in an engaging and effective game experience. It's serious learning.

Home Furnishings

Little Colorado Trasure Chest


WebSite -   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091221-311

All solid pine wood construction and manufactured in full compliance with CPSIA regulations, this Treasure Chest is a beautifully made classic.  Made in America with FSC certified materials by Little Colorado, Inc.,a green manufacturer, that has been known for its's quality craftsmanship since 1987.

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Juvenile Products


WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091214-384

Luscious looking ice cream treats.  Bright colors with enticing design.  Fun to play house or store with! These are the "must have" item for any infant or toddler which will stimulate a variety of senses and encourage a greater level of skill development.

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Image of Oh Plah!™, (French for “Here you go), teething bracelets with link to web site.

WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091214-377

Oh Plah!™, (French for “Here you go), teething bracelets are free of paints, lead, latex, PVC, BPA and phthalates and are made in the USA.   In addition, Roundhouse Design practices a closed loop cycle with its Full Circle Recycling programWhen it's time, Roundhouse will even pay to have your Oh Plah!™ shipped back to have it recycled into new products.

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_Roces IDEA 6-In-1 Childrens Ski Boot web site link

Roces IDEA 6-in-1 Adjustable Children's Ski Boot

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090105-307

The IDEA 6-in-1 Kids Adjustable Ski Boot is changing the way parents buy and rent ski equipment with technology never seen before in the ski industry. The boots are exceptional due to their ability to grow with children and accommodate their unique and changing needs.

Teach My Toddler Image and link to web site.

Teach My Toddler

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090224-311

Teach My Toddler is the award-winning all-in-one learning system for toddlers. The toddler tote has 17 teaching tools to help toddlers master the basics; alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. Each section is fully-coordinated with a total of 5 puzzles, 4 board books, 4 posters and 4 sets of flashcards, all in one handy carrying case.

Image of the Tee Juice markers and link to their product evaluation summary.

TeeJuice - Fabric Markers   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090921-362

Any piece of fabric, from a T-shirt to a lampshade, can be transformed into a piece of art with TeeJuice Fabric Markers by Jacquard Products. TeeJuice Fabric Markers take felt tip markers to an entirely new level of functionality and value!

Image of the Coddlelife labortatoy grade glass bottle and link to their product evaluation summary.

Coddlelife Laboratory Grade Glass Bottle

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090921-359

The Coddlelife Laboratory Grade Glass Bottle is the ultimate glass baby bottle. It is composed of the same kind of glass used in laboratories due to its superior strength, durability and ability to resist thermal shock, making it extra safe for your little one. It is also much lighter than traditional glass that is used for baby bottles.

Coddlelife PP Bottle with Peristaltic Nipple product evaluation summary.

Coddlelife PP Bottle with Peristaltic Nipple   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090921-358

The Coddlelife PP Bottle with Peristaltic Nipple is the ultimate Polypropylene (PP) Bottle, baby bottle. It is composed of the plastic compounds needed to ensure a lightweight bottle yet still maintaining the assurance of safety with no leeching into the contents of the bottle. With superior durability and ability to be convenient yet still deliver the functionality you need so greatly with a newborn, it makes it extra safe for your little one.

Image of the First Toddle logo and link to product evaluation summary.

First Toddle®   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090824-352

First Toddle®, the 5-in-1 Infant/Toddler Play, Entertainment and Development System, initially emphasizes standing and walking skills. In addition, it can be easily reconfigured to provide a variety of fun and challenging play areas for children up to 3 years of age and beyond.

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Image of the HABA Baguette Sandwich and link to their product evaluation summary.

HABA Baguette-Sub Sandwich

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090921-362

Wow! It's a hoagie, grinder, it's HABA's Baguette-Sub Sandwich that is sure to fill the imaginative appetite of a child with fun! Hmmm...A Baguette roll with cheese, salami, onions, lettuce and tomatoes all included. Remember now, you can't be trying to eat your child's toy!

Image of the Skuut wooden balance bike and link to their product evaluation summary.

Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090825-266

The Skuut is a wooden bike for children ages 2 - 5. It has no pedals and no training wheels. Children kick off the ground as if running, thus pushing or "skuut-ing" themselves and the bike forward. The Skuut is perfect for learning balance, steering, coordination and independence. Having mastered balance on the Skuut, the transition to a traditional two-wheeler bike is easy.

Image of the Skuut wooden balance bike and link to their product evaluation summary.

WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091228-358

SummerMuff is used in strollers and other carriers, when it is warm and sunny to keep baby cool, comfortable and happy while also protecting them using the highest UV protection available in fabrics today. It is the only product in the market that offers all these features.

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Image of the Tee Juice markers and link to their product evaluation summary.

Sprout Shell Chic Infant Carrier Covers

Induction Certificate Number: 74020100113-388

Parents save time, money and space with Sprout Shell's multi-use product. It goes over the carrier to create a tent-like enclosure for the infant. The hole in the top allows for a secure grip on the handle, a view of baby inside, and allows air into the baby. The all-around elastic keeps the cover securely in place. It protects babies from the sun, wind, rain and nosy strangers, plus creates a cozy nap-time environment.

Toys & Specialty

The Marshmallow Fun Company Marshmallow Shooter

WebSite -   

[ Currently under evaluation for induction ]

The Marshmallow Fun Company is proving that you can have fun with your food, especially when you can shoot marshmallows up to forty feet at unsuspecting targets. The company’s fun products are putting new meaning to the concept of "fast food." The award-winning marshmallow shooters have been seen on Hannah Montana, Rachael Ray, Good Morning America, The Jay Leno Show, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Citiblocs, a family favorite!

WebSite -   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090817-353

CitiBlocs raise the bar when it comes to quality and greenBusiness™. They are precision cut blocks of wood which are 100% ChildSafe™, green, crafted from renewable pine forests in Vietnam and provide an outstanding skill development medium. From pre-school to elementary school and even architecture professionals, CitiBlocs are an ideal educational toy, which is so simple in design yet is limited only by the imagination.

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Image of the Whiplash Scooter and link to web site.

WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091214-379

The Scooter With a Twist - The Whiplash™ is a self-propelling, revolutionary new ride. It is part scooter, part Wave board (caster board) and totally fun. The Whiplash Scooter’s flexing deck and handlebar fuse together to provide riders with a cool, side to side, whip-like ride. Riders can self-propel the scooter so that their feet never touch the ground or ride it like a traditional scooter.

Uberstix Pirate Ship

WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091214-387

The 112-piece PirateShip™ kit includes a Scavenger List of recyclable items that kids must collect to build the ship that really floats. Items kids search for include paperclips, plastic water bottles, Popsicle® sticks, plastic grocery bags, cups, rubber bands and Scotch® tape. Other kits in the Scavenger Series include LandSailer™, ÜberFO™, ÜberDragster™ and OutRigger™

Uberstix Uberbird

WebSite -

Induction Certificate Number: 74020091214-386

This kit is part of the Animal Kingdom Series. The Uberbird kit also teaches youngsters about the workings of movable joints, and when it's appropriate to engineer a creation with movable, as opposed to non-movable, connections. Kids can build a host of other models with these kits as well, including a MiniPult that launches small objects. As a bonus, the kits contain a one-hour simple-machines lesson plan.

Image of the All Star Buddies and link to web site.

All Star Buddies

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090224-312

These guys are a unique group of sports themed plush characters with a companion website. That web site is a virtual, sports-themed playground that uses fun and clean humor to teach kids important, real-life values and lessons via online games, fantasy play, and virtual group activities.

Norman The Phartephant

Norman The Phartephant

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090608-322

Norman PhartEphant™ is an African elephant that was adopted by a US zoo. He is VERY special and is quite a gas when it comes to fun. Best of all, he is soft, cuddly, and is over the top in HugFactor™. There is no question about it, Norman is a one of a kind elephant, err, I mean PhartEphant™.

Cory Caterpillar Image

Cory Caterpillar   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090810-334

Cory the Caterpillar and his little tinkling bell waddle along with his pull string to help stimulate toddlers to crawl and walk. Cory also brings his pulling string, kaleidoscope, and mirror foil print. He's really prepared to capture the attention of a toddler!

Amazing Baby Pop-up Ball

Amazing Baby Pop-Up Activity Ball

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090928-363

Based on the Amazing Baby book series, this 6-inch sphere is so enchanting. Baby can see himself or herself in the reflective mirror while giggling with the pullout peek-a-boo bear, tugging on the ribbon tags and discovering a chime, a crinkle, flaps and rings.

BuckleyBoo Plush Animals

BuckleyBoo Plush Animals - BuckleyDog

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090928-363

BuckleyBoo is a growing collection of plush toys co-created by a child psychologist and grandma! The BuckleyBoos are huggable, lovable developmental toys based on multi-stage learning.

Image of the Adorable Kinders Rag Doll and link to their product evaluation summary.

Adorable Kinders Rag Doll - Mari   editor's favorite logo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090914-365

GRANZA Inc., the creators of these innovative rag dolls with serious personality, are committed to providing quality and safe rag dolls that are made in the USA. The Adorable Kinders® rag dolls are very high quality 18” soft-dolls built to last yet maintain the quality for show.

Stackers Noah's Arc image and link to product evaluation summary page.

Stackers Noah's Ark

Induction Certificate Number: 74020090824-355

Children familiar with the story of Noah's Ark can name many of the animals that endured 40 days and 40 nights of flooding. There are giraffes, lions, elephants, monkeys and bears. But what youngster would shout out, kangaroo? Aussie kids, that's who! The Australian makers of a new line of toys known as Stackers...