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Here you will discover what the specific schedule of events for PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago 2009 is all about. Over the next few days specific times, locations, etc. will be published.

PLEASE NOTE:  PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago is an event series provided by The Toy Man® Product Guide and the International Parenting Institute™.  PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago has no direct or indirect affiliation with the CHITAG trade show.

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"An agenda is the very foundation of an event or series of events with more than just words;
it is an organized and well structured experience designed to deliver a message that makes a difference!"

The Pre-Event Series Train Ride

It all began with a train ride you ask? Yes, an Amtrak train ride from Los Angeles to Chicago with a whole new perspective of Seasons Greetings. Rev. James G.W. Fisher, A.K.A. The Toy Man® and two of his staff were aboard an Amtrak train from Los Angeles to Chicago, with a plentiful wealth of games, toys, educational DVD's, and other goodies which they were demoing and giving away to passengers as they moved from city to city in their train ride to Chicago!

For many passengers on the train both young and more matured, this was like an early Christmas! Just imagine being on a train to Chicago playing board games and participating in other fun activities. Best of all, many of the passengers went home with these products! These are the same products as those which are being given to Jesse Sherwood Elementary School, and Francisco I. Madero Middle School, the two schools participating in Chicago's historical event series, PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago.

During this unique experience, there will be plenty of pictures from many of the more serious as well as zany moments on the train as passenegers are having the time of thier lives with all of the games and other products. These pictures will be published in "The Gallery" shortly after The Toy Man® Product Guide staff arrive at their hotel in Chicago. What a better way to generate excitement and appreciation of the historical PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago event series.

Following PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago, the PROJECT: Education Outreach™ event series will begin being hosted in other major cities in 2010, yet the citizens of Chicago can take pride in knowing it all started in Chicago!



The Experience Begins - Chicago Heights Elementary Schools

245 W 57th St, 60621
Chicago, IL  60621

Alice Buzanis - Principal
Office:      773/535-0829
Web site:

Grades: Pre-8

As of 2008-2009, there were 393 students enrolled at Jesse Sherwood Elementary School. The school has rich after and before-school programs not only for the children, but for their parents as well. On a monthly basis, parents receive an opportunity to come together to discuss various topics that will enhance student achievement.

11/16 to 11/18   09:00am - 02:45pm


PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago started out as a single day event for each of the schools and then all over the various city locations, however, that has just gotten better!

The Toy Man® Product Guide volunteers was at Sherwood Elementary for three days!

On report card day, the activities continued in the main hall with parents and students once again working with the various games and toy which have been donated, and writing about their experience with the products they had to play with.

At Sherwood Elementry there school items and other prizes given away to the kids and parents. (The exclusive limited edition T-shirts were dekayed due to an ordering slip up yet will be available before The Toy Man leaves.)

5:30pm - 8pm: The Toy Man® Takes On Chicago

Almost every night of the event series, Rev. Fisher and his cohorts have been providing games, toys, and other products for consumers on the streets of Chicago to get a spontaneous hands-on experience with. Sometimes some of the very best education comes from discovering innovative new products unexpectedly and getting a chance to play with them.

This was a "sneak peak" at products recommended by The Toy Man® Product Guide for buyers pay close attention to.  Rev. Fisher will be sharing with the public how the buying trends of families has taken a shift and how educational toys and games are coming back into the spotlight.

The Experience Continues...

3202 W 28th St, 60623
Phone: 773.535-4466

Jose Luis Illanes - Principal
Office:      (773)535-4466
Web site:

Grades: 6-8

As of 2008-2009, there are 327 students enrolled at Francisco I. Madero Middle School. A year-round middle school that offers Chinese language, Madero works to develop students' self-awareness, study habits, and overall academic foundation. The school uses a team approach to provide a challenging, constructive and integrated curriculum. The school offers labs for computers, art, science and music.

11/19   08:30am - 02:35pm

The Toy Man® will be at it again with his staff as well as some of the PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago sponsors, showing kids at another public school how learning can more than just fun!

Some of the products being shown and given away at the schools will also be a part of CHITAG at the Navy Pier.

Exclusive "Limited Edition" PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago T's will be given away to the kids at the schools who are playing the games and people in the public at a variety of spontaneous product showing events at "The Miracle Mile", Navy Pier, Union Station, and other locations in Chicago.


5:30pm - 8pm: The Toy Man® Takes On Chicago ...Again

The Toy Man® will be out again at all his favorite old hang-outs handing our more of the free T's and live demo of more products all over Chicago. There's nothing like getting free T's and products! Will be one of the lucky ones to see The Toy Man®?


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