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PLAY Across America

About "PLAY Across America"
Consumer Hands-On Experience In PLAY With The Toy Man®

Image of a child and mother on the Amtrak train with products from The Moy Man.
With "PLAY Across America™"  you will discover an entirely new perspective on "PLAY", branding development, and finally, the exclusive The Toy Man® awards that will be featured at Toy Fair 2013.

The excitement will all start at L.A. Union Station in California as passengers waiting for their trains will have an opportunity to do what comes naturally; be active in various forms of PLAY. The trip begins here and continues on to Albuquerque, NM (Alvarado Transportation Center), Union Station Chicago, then Penn Station - New York with a 3 day stop for Toy Fair 2013, and all the way back again.

The unique group of products selected by  The Toy Man® Product Guide staff featured in this project will be carefully and systematically introduced to the people in train stations, on the train itself, and even outside the train stations.  This will provide a diverse range of demographics as well as the strongest level of branding recognition development like never seen before.

What creates the great value of this project is how people don't feel pitched. An individual, group, or family is carefully selected and ONE product is provided for them to use to pass the time away as they are waiting. Using a single product draws a stronger level of attention to detail by others around the person(s) with the product creating a stronger retention of memory of the experience for everyone.

When multiple products are introduced simultaneously, attention span to the products by others is reduced dramatically.  By human nature, with multiple copies of same product in view at once, interest level wanes quickly.  The products become more of a distraction rather than a hook that captures the attention of many for an extended period of time.

Feature Product Categories

The products selecting were evaluated from the following categories:

Toys | Games / Puzzles | Books | Infant / Toddler

( For further information on submitting your product(s) for consideration, please visit the Product Submissions section on this page. )

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Want to Be A Star?
Pics and Videos Captured Across America Will Be Featured

Image of a young lady featured having fun with one our featured games on the Amtrak train with one of the products from The Moy Man.
For many people in the train stations and on the trains during travel they will become a star with The Toy Man® during "PLAY Across America" via, pics and videos that will be shot and posted.  These pics and videos will be available on YouTube and other sources that will be announced soon.

Trains and train stations can be quite the place to find the most perfect candid shots with a person busy at PLAY or even better for that video clip that really grabs the attention.  Never know, YOU might be one of those who is a star that we will feature.

Just imagine your being busy at PLAY on the train or in one of the many locations of this nationwide excursion, and you get the opportunity to be one of the limited few who were selected to be featured in one or more of these pics or videos.  There will even be some who will be featured in interviews as The Toy Man® queries people about their experiences with the products he is providing.

To add even greater value for the products being featured, in various cities, train stations, and on the trains themselves, The Toy Man® will be giving away products to carefully selected recipients, to help carry the branding recognition development for each product even further as the recipient shows off their product to others who may also experience PLAY with this same product!

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Product Submissions
How the products being featured in "PLAY Across America" can be submitted and selected

Product submission is quite simple, but alas, the deadline has passed and our feature products have been selected.  There is still a bright side of the situation; you can still submit products for our regular full evaluation!

No fees for product submissions or posting if a product is inducted. Best of all, a product is never evaluated in comparison with others or based upon just one or two family's opinions.

Simplicity is always something we all appreciate and product submission couldn't be any easier!  Just go to http://www.thetoyman.com/t_product_submission.php, fill out the form, and send the products as directed.  That's it!

We do our best to ensure all companies submitting products gain something from it so here's the added surprise.  Your product  will then have been submitted for our product evaluation to possibly become another one of those that have become a recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval and possibly some of our awards!  No fees whatsoever tfor product submission or posting of product induction announcement for products that pass.

Your product is not compared against other products, acceptance is based upon a product's own merits and how it fares with our strict evaluation standards. IF per chance your product does NOT pass our evaluation, a confidential package is sent to you to explain why and what modifications are needed to bring it to spec. so that it will. We do not share this or any negative information with the public.

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The S.T.E.M. Award
Where The Fruits Of Higher Education Are Given Due Recognition

In the marketplace today, awards are a common feature that come in all shapes, forms, and functionality. It seems that there are so many awards in use today, that for many, their identity has become somewhat indistinct. The Toy Man® Product Guide has chosen to step ahead of the game and introduce a new award with more unique purpose and value that is like no other; introducing The Toy Man® S.T.E.M. Award.

* S.T.E.M. ( Science - Technology - Education - Math )

The Toy Man® S.T.E.M. Award has been created to give recognition to those that have held their course in completion of graduate studies with an end result of a valuable contribution to society and/or industry needs.

Education has always been a matter of strong discussion on many levels.  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math serve as the very foundation of creativity and forward development for education in today's society. The realization of every conceptual idea has come about in some part from the use of education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, whether in singular or combination application.

There is always a need for a shift to break the routine of any trend that become too familiar and repetitive.  The Toy Man® S.T.E.M. Award will now serve as the force to create such a shift in the routine of awards; an emblem that represents high recognition in graduate education, well earned and prized so greatly.

Until this point in time, all awards from The Toy Man® Product Guide have been strictly to products and services that have passed the publication's strict evaluation standards.  With the introduction of The Toy Man® S.T.E.M. Award, this award will enable us to give recognition for any productive contribution to society resulting from completion of graduate education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and/or Math.

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The Toy Man® Awards At Toy Fair 2013
Not Just Prestigious and Exclusive, These Awards Are FREE!

Image The Toy Man Product Guide Seal of Approval Finalist Certificate.  
There are plenty of awards yet nothing is like the prestige and honor of being a recipient of  The Toy Man® Product Guide Awards. No fees or submission forms.  Best of all, we invite buyers, exhibitors to join us in selecting the finalists!

A limited few will have the honor of becoming a recipient of  The Toy Man® Seal of Approval Finalist Certificates, a gold embossed example of recognition.  Yet there is even more to come!

Image which represents The Toy Man Product Guide Seal of Approval Recognition Award.  
There are those who will have gone beyond the norm; risen above the rest and been voted by our judges to be the elite and limited few recipients of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval - Recognition Award.

Hard work, good marketing, and innovation well deserving of recognition will prove its worth with such a well earned award that is like no other. An award where bragging rights didn't come easy.

Our greatest experience at Toy Fair 2013 is going to be the process of giving out our exclusive as well as prestigious awards. No fees, no applications, no product submissions; just pure and unparalleled judging with no inflection of bias. (Details regarding the selection process for our awards are available in the next section.)

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The Award Selection Process
The Toy Man® Product Guide Award Recipient Process Explained

Image which represents The Toy Man® Product Guide going from hard copy to online format.
The selection process for the Finalists and Winners levels the playing field for everyone, regardless of well known or unknown a company may be.  It all comes down to a combination of Innovative Design, Marketability, Visual Appeal, Price Point, and of course a number of other factors as well.

The semi-finalists are judged by The Toy Man®, staff, and voluteers. The finalists are voted on by attendees, buyers and exhibitors from the show floor; (exhibitors who didn't make the cut for the semi-finalists.)

It is with great pleasure that these award recipients are carefully selected. There is of course far more to the process than what you see here but it would take too much space to publish all the information.  This at least gives you a basic outline of our process. Should you have any suggestions you would like to see added or other personal comments, please feel free to fill out our Contact Form at http:// www.thetoyman.com.

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Featured Products
The Products Which Will Be Featured In "PLAY Across America"

Image which represents The Toy Man® PLAY Across America Featured Products Intro
It's finally that time!  In this section we will feature the products that have been selected to be featured on "PLAY" Across America!  It was a tough decision to make with the extensive number of products submitted yet well worth the effort.

The products will be listed by category with links to their web sites and the booth # for each company at Toy Fair. games, puzzles, toys, books, and infant/toddler products.

Board & Card Games, Puzzles, Brain Teasers and More!

An image of the Codigo Cube packaging.
Codigo Cube

Codigo Cube is a socially interactive trivia game using your web-enabled camera phone, a free app, and our patent-pending QR Coded die! Codigo Cube is updated with new questions daily! When ever breaking news happens Codigo Cube gets updated.
Category: Games - Novelty
MSRP: $9.99 USD
Target Age: 13 years plus ISBN: 0 13964 48477 9 

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120716-539 Rating:
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence
The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award
Booth #3213
Image of the Codigo Cube ERS QR Code

An image of the Commander In Chief Board Game box.  

Commander-In-Chief is a 2 - 4 player combination of Chess & Checkers with an Air, Land & Sea military theme. It is a board game of endless possibilities with multiple game play options plus basic jumping, blocking and piece enhancement options.
Category: Board Game
MSRP: $39.99 USD
Target Age: 6+ Years UPC: 74020120309-562

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120309-562 Rating: 
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence
The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award
The Toy Man® eco-Recognition™ Seal Booth #6183
Image of The Commander-In-Chief QR Code

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Books, CD's, DVD's and Book/Plush Combo Sets

An image of the latest Dot to Dot Adventure Book by David Kalvitis.
The Greatest Dot to Dot Adventure - Book 1

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure - Book 1 begins following a guide, an imaginative young boy searching for the missing pieces of a mysterious gift. Together, visitors will navigate challenging puzzles and unearth secret clues to discover new species of dots and spectacular views. One can even challenge themselves by scaling the 'Everest of Connect-the-Dots', a four page foldout puzzle comprised of a record breaking 2,600 dots.
Category: Dot to Dot Puzzle Books
MSRP: $8.95 USD
Target Age: 8 Years to 108 ISBN: 978-0979975325

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120827-602 Rating: 
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence
The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award
The Toy Man® eco-Recognition™ Seal Booth #6224
Image of The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure - Book 1 QR Code

Image of the Christina Marie Popi-In-Kins product.
Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins

Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins: a new elf, a new story, and a new family tradition that will be remembered for a lifetime! There are plenty of elves, and then there are the Pop-In-Kins! Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins "pops in" to visit children with the first lighting of the family Christmas tree and stays until the last holiday decoration is put away. Featuring hide-and-seek and holiday fun for the entire family, Christina Marie encourages children to seek the very best within themselves and to share their very best with others.
Category: Poseable Doll/Book Combo
MSRP: $24.95 USD
Target Age: 3 Years to 108 ISBN: 856235000113 

Induction Certificate Number: 74020110506-499 Rating: 
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence
The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award
The Toy Man® eco-Recognition™ Seal Booth # 1050
Image of The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure - Book 1 QR Code

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Infant, Juvenile and Mommie Stuff

An image of the Kinderfeets Bike.
Kinder feets™ Wooden Push Bikes

Kinder Feets™ is a wooden pushbike with foot pegs. It is available in natural finish and six different colors with chalkboard finish! The Kinder Feets™ provides a great starting point for children preparing to ride a conventional two-wheeled bicycle and absolutely love it!
Category: Wooden Push Bikes
MSRP: $100 USD
Target Age: 2-5 years UPC: 3765469774 

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120615-580 Rating: 
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award
The Toy Man® eco-Recognition™ Seal Booth # 1050
Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike

EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: Any products listed below are an exception to the rule.  Although oneof these products will NOT be exhibited at Toy Fair, and the second one was included by popular demand, our team voted to feature them on the train anyway.  Our decision is based upon all of the infants, toddlers, and others we generally see on our train rides and at train stations.

An image of some of the Wee-Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bibs.
Wee-Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bib

Wee Drool T-bibs are stylish waterproof bibs designed to protect your little one's clothing from dribble, drool, spit up and spills in an ultra chic green way. Made from a blend of Bamboo Viscose and Organic Cotton, these T-bibs are the ultimate in softness, comfort, soak-proof protection and of course, style!
Category: Infant / Toddler Accessories
MSRP: $28.00 USD
Target Age: 3 months - 2 Years UPC: Not Available

   Induction Certificate Number: 74020120629-575 Rating: 
   The Toy Man® Award of Excellence
   The Toy Man® Recommends Award
   The Toy Man® eco-Recognition™ Seal
Wee Drool ERS QR Code

An image of Adora Toddler Time Dolls - The Cat's Meow doll.
Adora Toddler Time Dolls - The Cat's Meow

Adora Toddler Time Dolls can turn a frown upside down, build friendships, teach nurturing, bring comfort and turn a boring day into a day of play! That’s what makes Adora Dolls special...oh, and we can’t forget those adorable baby faces...squeezable, loveable, cuddly, cute...simply irresistible.
Category: Poseable Dolls
Target Age: 6 Years +
MSRP: $94.95 USD UPC: 3765469774

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120727-591 Rating: 
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence The Toy Man® Recommends...™ Award
The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award The Toy Man® Award of Recognition
  Booth #1151
QR Code image for Adora Toddler Time Dolls - The Cats Meow Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)

Toys, Plush, R/C, Sporting Goods and Specialty

An image of some of the Bionic Blox wood pieces and connectors.
Bionic Blox Foundation Kit

The Foundation Series is our start-up architectural construction and building toy kit. With 26 Bionic Star connectors and 75 wood beams, children have the freedom to build bridges, towers, and arches. Your child will learn measurement, angles, proportions and basic physics by using these Bionic Star connectors to attach blocks while their ideas from the ground up.
Category: Wooden Building Sets
MSRP: $39.99 USD
Target Age: 3 to 12 Years+ UPC: 804879393849

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120629-583 Rating: 
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence The Toy Man® eco-Recognition™ Seal
The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award  
QR Code image for Bionic Blox Foundation Kit Evaluation Report Summary (ERS)

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Image Gallery
Exclusive Pics and Video Clips From PLAY Across America

Image which shows what it's like to get a football right in the snozz.
Sorry, images and video clips will not begin being published until "PLAY Across America" officially begins. We thought we'd give you a little chuckle in the interim.

When you consider the number of places and people we will be seeing over the 7 days on the train and off during PLAY Across America, you can rest assured that there will be lots of candid pics and videos to view soon!

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