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Image of The Toy Man News & Reviews Chief Editor, Rev. James G.W. Fisher     Time For Change
Evolving Into Toy Man® Global
by: Rev. James G.W. Fisher
As the industry changes so must the companies and web sites that serve the industry. To ensure we continue to provide the high level of service for which we are so well known, The Toy Man® News & Reviews will soon complete its evolution to meet today's demands with a more streamlined web site and services we offer.

Sometimes Simple Is Better
"Simplicity is the key to a strong following and greater understanding..."

I have personally conducted an extensive amount of research to gain a greater understanding of the direction the industry itself is moving. This is in addition to identifying the wants and needs of parents, product developers and the corporate buyers. From my labors I have discovered an inarguable fact. Simplicity is the key to strong brand development and greater understanding of what my company provides.

In today's society, time is limited and every moment is of the highest value. Although my publication has served a the public since 1971, the expectations and demands today no longer allow for the extensive detailed evaluation report summaries provided in the past. Evolving into a more simple and direct format is a necessity.

A distinct definition of the motives in the needs of those I serve is more clearly ascertained than ever before. Keep it simple, create a strong return for minimal investment of time and money, and aspire to share information in product evaluation to create a mutually beneficial result.

Cause and Effect
"A Positive Domino Principle"

As part of the evolution of my publication, The Toy Man® News & Reviews will be undergoing three major changes that I firmly believe will create a mutually positive effect.

  1. The Toy Man® News & Reviews will be reverting back to it's founding name The Toy Man® Product Guide
  2. The Toy Man® Product Guide will now be part of Toy Man Global at http://www.toymanglobal.com
  3. The current structure of The Toy Man® Product Guide will be scrapped entirely for a whole new look

These changes will be the cause of a much more simple and pleasurable experience in learning about the latest products that have met our strict evaluation standards. For companies submitting products, the submission process will remain a no-fee submission and publishing process.

The new design has been created to provide a quite simple yet detailed source to perform research before making their investments in the purchasing of products whether consumer or corporate buyer. With a fun and animated image which is especially effective with parents, a positive domino effect occurs which encourages people to share their experience with others so they in turn can benefit from the same experience.

What's So Special About It?
"A shift from professional to whimsical visual image"

A fundamental fact in visual communication with a web site is not only capturing but maintaining the attention of the readers. By doing so, you have the highest probability of a productive result. The Toy Man® Product Guide has always been more business style in design with eye popping imagery combined with highly detailed product evaluations and articles. It is time for a change...

Take a little animation, add a pinch of whimsical thematic imagery, and right to the point delivery of what is available to see in a concise visually appealing manner. That's what's so special! The new web site is being designed to make a reader's visit and enjoyable one that not just another task to attend to.

Why No New Review Postings
"It is never a single factor to explain an event"

Just imagine being the editor of this publication since 1971 then suddenly, just as you are preparing to build a new web site design to enhance your service offerings, everything comes to a halt due to life threatening health issues. I have been battling multiple life threatening concerns until just recently.

During all those hospital stays and bed rest, it actually was a blessing! All I could do all that time was think and examine the best thing to do when I was able to work again. Wisdom comes in many forms and most often when least expected it seems. In short, motivation and desire to continue my work was supercharged with a new vision to make a reality...the new Toy Man Global web site.

I could have continued with the web site everyone is familiar with yet I found no logic in providing second best. It had long been time that a change was due, now i could make it a reality. The end result was the delay in new content being published.

The bottom line is that the excitement is growing rapidly as along with a limited few others, the new web site for  The Toy Man® Product Guide is nearing completion and will debut at http://www.toymanglobal.com in Q1, in the beginning of January 2017 tentatively.

Toy Man Global
"A title can define your readership and customer base"

The name "Toy Man Global" defines part of what this publication is about and the reach of the audience it is focused on. Product submissions we receive are not just for U.S. based companies. In actuality, a large number of products are submitted from around the globe with the hopes of meeting the standards to receive  The Toy Man® Seal of Approval.

With the fact of the global reach of The Toy Man® Product Guide, I thought it befitting to build the new web site on a new URL which of course is ToyManGlobal.com.

No need to worry for those of you who have products which are recipients of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval. All past recipients will be featured in the new web site while the original Product Evaluation Report Summaries will remain published on the old web site.

Press releases, etc. will be published prior to the launch of the new web site to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to be one of the first visitors and/or companies to submit products for review. Until then, I wish you all well.

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Small image of Rev. James G.W. Fisher for article footer   Rev. Fisher is a seminary graduate ordained minister with a wide variety of specialties from prior graduate study and 40+ years of hands-on experience. He is currently the CEO/Chief Editor for The Toy Man® News & Reviews.

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