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Image of The Toy Man Product Guide Chief Editor, Rev. James G.W. Fisher
A Woman's Touch... 
Women Setting The Bar For Others To Follow
by Rev. James G.W. Fisher

When it comes to innovation, creative thinking, and originality in product development, women set the bar for others to follow. This article has been created to give recognition to women in business; three women in particular who exemplify the culmination of education, determination and commitment.

A Different Approach

I wanted to take a different approach in this article giving recognition to what many who are often times what I see as unsung heroes.

In society from past, men have generally been envisioned as being the bread winners and a number of other titles. That is not so today.  Women are rapidly breaking the glass barriers of generalized assumption. They are gaining the same recognition, either matching or surpassing that of what men have accomplished previously. They are the unsung heroes of today.

As you read further in this article you will learn about how no goal is beyond reach and how women are gaining momentum in setting the bar for others to follow. They are demonstrating the phrase "Leadership by example" in active practice. This provides a new learning experience that everyone can draw from.

Education, Determination and Commitment
"It's more than just think it and 'poof' it's a reality."

How do you truly measure the worth and success of a woman in business? Education, determination and commitment encapsulate the perfect answer to this very question. One cannot just simply think of a stupendous idea and "poof" it's suddenly a reality. First, you need the education to not only draw from what you have learned from your scholarly efforts, however grand or minimal they may be. You must also have and make use of the life skills developed from your daily life experience.

Over the past three years I have been doing a comparative study of men and women in business and home life. As time went on over each passing month I began to identify how both men and women have their own unique pattern, or characteristics that are generally associated with them, although there are always exceptions to the rule.

A key characteristic of women in my study was how in taking an idea and making it a reality, they first examine the potential sustainability of the development model for their concept. Once favorable results have been determined, they then jump in both feet first with complete determination and commitment to promote inclusive growth and development of their vision. Quitting is not an option readily considered when the going gets tough.

Results Speak Louder Than Words
"True leadership by example in action."

To try and keep this article more concise, I elected to use some products that have passed our strict evaluation standards, rising well above the rest of the crowd. These are products developed by women that provide unquestionable proof of education, dedication, and commitment by women in the development and realization of an idea.

Heather Parisi - Flip2BFit

Heather is my first example of how education, dedication, and commitment by a woman can have a substantial impact in the lives of others. She has taken exercise, (what many people hate to think of these days), and transformed it into a daily time of fun and frolic that changes lives. The quote below is from Ms. Parisi;

"Flip2BFit is the brainchild of my childhood memories of board games, family fun night, and being part of competitive sports my entire life. I felt there had to be a way to get children away from their video games and back to the basics of jumping - running - laughing and having fun together and as a family. Flip2BFit, a fun fitness game for kids, is the result and the answer to this situation. One exercise at a time, Flip2BFit gets our children off the couch - out of the house - having fun together and opens their minds to the simple aspects of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle."

Heather has taken an idea, a passion, and followed her desire wholeheartedly resulting in an award winning product that can change the lives of many. Her innovative concept gives people an excuse to have fun and get fit doing it!

An image of the Flip2BFit - Fitness in a Box
Flip2BFit - Fitness in a Box

Flip2BFit - Fitness in a Box is the ONLY educational fitness board game in the market today. Opening young minds to the concepts of Yoga, Cardio, Stretching and Strength through the simple concept of playing a board game. Through individual play, group play and competition children develop leadership abilities, self-confidence, nutrition knowledge, physical agility as well as self-esteem.
Category: Educational Board Games
MSRP: $34.95 USD
Target Age Group: 6 Years+ UPC: 794504053005

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130621-632 Rating:
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence The Toy Man® S.T.E.M.™ Award
The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award The Toy Man® eco-Recognition™ Seal
An image of QR Code for the Flip2BFit - Fitness in a Box

  Independent Lab Tested  |  LeadSafe, PhthalatesSafe, and BPASafe Certified


Kelly Yaep - Wee-Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bib

Kelly is responsible for taking her drive to be more than just a dreamer. She has chosen to become a visionary taking the steps necessary to convert a dream into a reality. Now understand this is not just any reality, we are talking about taking an age old standard in infant bibs and brining them into today's society. Kelly describes so perfectly what inspired her to develop this incredible product line;

"Who knew drool could be such a problem? With no drool bib in the marketplace that met my expectations of function, quality, comfort and of course style, Wee Drool was born."

"I came up with a drool bib style with armholes that can't be yanked off, won't flip around like a cape or flip over the baby’s face when lying down. Eco-friendly fabrics seemed like the answer to use with the excellent absorbency and antimicrobial properties as well as being good for the earth and baby."

"Wee Drool is a product that is designed for both baby and parent in mind. T-bib = comfort + less rash = happy baby and less laundry. That equates to happier moms! "

While Heather from Flip2BFit had the inspiration to create a game paired with exercise, fitness, and fun, Kelly has addressed a different need of so many people today. The end result is the Wee-Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bib

An image of some of the Wee-Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bibs.
Wee-Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bib

Wee Drool T-bibs are stylish waterproof bibs designed to protect your little one's clothing from dribble, drool, spit up and spills in an ultra chic green way. Made from a blend of Bamboo Viscose and Organic Cotton, these T-bibs are the ultimate in softness, comfort, soak-proof protection and of course, style!
Category: Infant / Toddler Accessories
MSRP: $28.00 USD
Target Age: 3 months - 2 Years UPC: Not Available

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120629-575 Rating:
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence
The Toy Man® Recommends™ Award
The Toy Man® eco-Recognition™ Seal
Wee Drool ERS QR Code

Lisa Furuland - Sleepyhead Body Pod Deluxe

Lisa is the founder of Enfant Terrible® Design AB and the Sleepyhead Body Pod Deluxe, her first baby and children's product venture. However, it is not the first independent business venture for this entrepreneur.

For close to two decades, Lisa's been in top positions in the localization business catering for the media industry. Enfant Terrible Design AB is an independent and privately held Swedish limited company. Its headquarters are located in Norrtälje, a lovely small seaside town, 70 km north of Stockholm, Sweden.

Just as our other featured guests, Lisa has taken education, dedication, and commitment to depths of application seldom seen resulting in innovative design never before imagined. All of this for the betterment of others.

* The term 'enfant terrible' is used to describe dashing personalities who are strikingly unorthodox, innovative and colourful.

An image of a Sleepyhead Body Pod Deluxe.
Sleepyhead Body Pod Deluxe

Sleepyhead Body Pod Deluxe is a multi-functional, portable complete baby bed you can take anywhere. Softer than a blanket or Moses basket, you can use practically anywhere.

The Sleepyhead is made from breathable materials and the filling has anti-dust-mite, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.
Category: Portable Infant Beds
MSRP: £89.95 (UK Price)
Target Age Group: 0-8 months Product Code: 31321323

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130607-628 Rating:
The Toy Man® Award of Excellence The Toy Man® S.T.E.M.™ Award
The Toy Man® eChoice™ Award The Toy Man® eco-Recognition™ Seal
An image of QR Code for the Flip2BFit - Fitness in a Box

  Independent Lab Tested  |  LeadSafe, PhthalatesSafe, and BPASafe Certified

* For further information on Independent Lab Testing, LeadSafe, PhthalatesSafe, and BPASafe Certification and what The Toy Man® News & Reviews has to do with it, see http://tiny.cc/labtesting.

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Seize The Opportunity
"Growth comes by choice."

Do you personally realize the full value that 'a woman's touch' has in personal growth? Whether you are a man or a woman, women have the greatest influence in life and business. Even on our own team of staff, women play an important part in all decisions and planning made. I could never even begin to imagine how far behind we would be in the continuing evolution of our company without the contributions the women have made to our success.

To make this more plain and simple, growth comes by choice, be it personal or business related. Seize the opportunity and get off your pedestal whether man or woman, and look at what you can learn from the examples set by women. The education, dedication, and commitment of women who have broken the glass barriers is unmatched.

For men, just imagine where your ideas and discipline can go, combined with the influence of a woman. For women, grasp the reality of the God-given skills you have and imagine if you will combining that with the unique skills common to men. You are the catalyst to create a mutually beneficial end result that will generate even further growth. It's all a matter of choice.

I encourage our readers to seize the opportunity in your lives, learning from the examples provided that "Growth comes by choice." It is the choice of others that has created their own success. Now it's your choice. Do you desire to continue to grow or remain where you are.

You can admire the work of others, or admire the work of others and use it to inspire you to grab hold of your own education, dedication and commitment, creating a legacy to take comfort in. A woman's touch makes a difference. Isn't it about time to recognize this and take advantage of it?

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Small image of Rev. James G.W. Fisher for article footer   Rev. Fisher is a seminary graduate ordained minister with a wide variety of specialties from prior graduate study and 40+ years of hands-on experience. He is currently the CEO/Chief Editor for The Toy Man® News & Reviews.

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