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The Toy Man®
Product Pavilion
Branding recognition like never before imagined

...and it's FREE!

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An Exciting New Adventure In Product Pavilions!

The Toy Man® Product Pavilion provides an exciting new world of wonder for consumers, buyers, and well, everyone at every location it is featured! This is where you discover products that have passed our strict evaluation and are precisely what you are looking for.  As an added bonus we feature products currently under evaluation for The Toy Man® Seal of Approval.

Our Pavilion is designed to bring people together for an experience of social / business interaction and education about featured products like never seen before. If you are present as one of our guests at any of our Pavilion events, you can win new customers and solidify relationships with existing clients even further.


In The Toy Man® Product Pavilion, everyone is given an opportunity to experience more than just seeing products on a shelf or in a presentation. Visitors will have a time-proven spontaneous hands-on experience triggering a strong stimulation to a buyer's interests as well as familiarity about each of the products in the Pavilion.


To help make your buying experience like no other while visiting The Toy Man® Product Pavilion, we will have a diverse variety of products to examine. Our Pavilion host ecoFriendly, Organic, International, Specialty products and more, that will serve to make your buying experience quite fruitful, along with a pinch of fun and exclusive entertainment.

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