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The Toy Man®
Product Pavilion
Branding recognition like never before imagined

...and it's FREE!

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About The Toy Man® Product Pavilion and More

This page is about what The Toy Man® Product Pavilion is all about; it's purpose and benefits. It also provides information about The Toy Man® himself and his reasoning in developing the Pavilion concept.

It is our sincere hope that this information will inspire others to realize their dreams and how they can help others as this Pavilion is designed to do. Remember;  the more you share, the more you will have to share.

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For those of you who have little time to read and want just get right to the point, here are some key things to think about...

For anyone visiting The Toy Man® Product Pavilion, opportunities are in abundance!

  • CONVENTION WEARY?  Look no further than the Toy Man Pavilion, a one-stop remedy
  • Networking
  • Garner new knowledge in an ever changing industry
  • Exposure
  • Leads
  • Organize your thoughts in person
  • Set appts with live people
  • Face to Face story ideas
  • Leverage that recognition in person - use after trade show
  • Bring artwork or product ideas direct to manufacturer
  • Make better decisions

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The Product Pavilion Concept

As with everything else in life, evolution in business is a must to maintain a solid image and branding recognition. The Toy Man® Product Pavilion will break new boundaries in product branding recognition like never before imagined. Just imagine if you will, a product pavilion filled with a diverse variety of products crossing multiple ranges from age groups to type of product. 

Now don't stop there, how about every product in The Toy Man® Product Pavilion having been through in-depth and highly detailed evaluation as well as being a recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval, an Internationally recognized iconic emblem.  A product doesn't "WIN" our Seal, it is a privilege that is well earned.

Giving recognition to products that pass our strict evaluation standards is not enough. It is our desire to create not just a new experience but to develop branding recognition for these products like never before imagined...and do it for FREE! By having no charges of any kind to be an invited guest in our Pavilion removes any possible inflection of bias.

In The Toy Man® Product Pavilion, everyone will all be given an opportunity to experience more than just seeing products in a presentation. They will have a time-proven spontaneous hands-on experience, triggering a strong stimulation to a buyer's interests as well as creating a greater sense of familiarity about each of the products in the Pavilion.

The Toy Man® Product Pavilion concept is designed to host a wide range of products in multiple categories. This will also include ecoFriendly / Organic products.  Each and every product will serve to make your buying experience quite fruitful, along with a pinch of fun and exclusive entertainment.

At The Toy Man® News & Reviews we firmly believe that in today's society, it's time for us to give back to others. The very foundation of our Pavilion concept is built upon some important words of wisdom.  "The more you share with EVERYONE, the more you will have to share.

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About The Toy Man®

Just who is The Toy Man®? This is a question often asked yet so simple to answer.  The Toy Man®, (a.k.a. Rev. James G.W. Fisher, or Rev. Fisher for short), is a unique crossover from current and past labors.  He is the creator and one of the founding member staff of The Toy Man® News & Reviews.

A more concise description of The Toy Man® and his experience would be; a seminary graduate ordained minister, counselor, university graduate, public speaker, pre-emptive analysis / character profile expert, product evaluation and analysis specialist, editor, governmental social responsibility liaison, cross-pollination marketing specialist, pre-school/kinder teacher, children's books author (under a pseudo name), father, and a man who understands that women are second only to God and have the controlling interest in life. (Once a man understands this, life can be so much more enjoyable in both business and personal life.)

In business today, The Toy Man® is the editor and figurehead for The Toy Man® News & Reviews and CEO of Positive Marketing International (PMI Inc.) He has additional labors in additional non-profit business.

The Toy Man® is known for taking an epiphany, be it his own or one brought to the table for him to consider, tabling it with his team and bringing it to reality, breaking barriers that others have failed to cross.

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The Toy Man® Seal of Approval

The Toy Man® Seal of Approval was created in 1971 to represent the high bar in accuracy and respected International standards of product & Online service recognition for products that pass our strict evaluation process. 

The Seal was modeled after The Good Housekeeping Seal, a globally recognized industry standard established in the early 1900's.  The Seal is now an Internationally recognized iconic emblem that serves as not just a Seal per se' but rather a validation Seal to verify a product or service has in fact been submitted for review and passed our strict evaluation standards.

The best way to demonstrate the value and respect of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval is to reference how many of the awards programs that exist today, have elected to incorporate the term "Seal of Approval" as an award rather than an actual  "seal" (according to dictionary definition), in their "awards program."  

Unlike awards programs, The Toy Man® Seal of Approval is used as evidence of legal or standard exactness, measure, quality, etc. of products in accordance with the ever evolving strict evaluation standards of The Toy Man® News & Reviews.

For any product that fails to pass its evaluation, a detailed report is provided to the product developer submitting the product with details of what modification need to be made so that the product can pass the evaluation. No information of a product failing to pass our evaluation is made available to the public.

More information about The Toy Man® Product Guide Awards. more information


The Toy Man® Awards

No matter which way you look at it, awards are still a major part of the equation for companies in virtually any industry.  While The Toy Man® Seal of Approval is our primary focus, our awards tend to have earned their place of recognition as well. This section is dedicated to providing information about each of our awards.  Each award is unique not just in design, but in purpose as well.

With a greater understanding of our awards as well as our Seal of Approval, you can make more informed and effective buying decisions.

More information about The Toy Man® Product Guide Awards. more information


For Further Information

For further information about The Toy Man® Product Pavilion, shows in which it will be featured, how we select our guests or other information, please use our contact form.

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'The Handiman'  The Toy Man® Product Guide Mascot

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