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The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval New Inductees Hit A Record High This Week @The Toy ManŽ Product Guide

Today's product induction announcement will give recognition to a record number of the latest products that had what it takes to pass the strict evaluation standards of The Toy ManŽ Product Guide. 

Board games were the dominant inductees this week with a vast variety of quality, award winning products that made the cut this week. The Beamz Interactive Music System , Tipi from Laos, and the Pop-In-Kins, along with a few other unique products were in the ranks as well.  According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, product evaluator and editor for The Toy ManŽ Product Guide, "This was a wonderful surprise for us all to see so many products pulling their weight and making the draft to be included in this induction notice." 

Considering this is but a few days before the start of the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV where some of these games will be exhibited, it couldn't be a more perfect timing.  This is especially so for Out of the Box Publishing, the company that pulled the highest number of board games to be recognized in this induction notification.

In speaking with many of the consumers who participated in the consumer hands-on evaluation of these products there seemed to be a consensus of optimism in regard to the popularity, number of games favored by the consumers, and the interest to buy the games.

No matter what the climate of the buying public may be, the bottom line of all this is that these products are being given recognition which was well earned and deserved.  It will be interesting to see if this is the beginning of a trend or simply a momentary peek at what may be soon to come.

*Induction notification to be released later today.



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