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The Toy ManŽ Product Guide Announces The Latest True Champions

September 30, 2010     Los Angeles, CA - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Where many others have failed, they overcame the odds and are now being given the true recognition they deserve...true champions. These products proved they have what it takes to become a recipient of The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval validation seal.

Amongst the frenzy of trade shows, marketing ploys, buying, selling, and measuring profits as Q3 comes to a close, The Toy ManŽ Product Guide emerges from the fray to announce the latest champions to become recipients of The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval validation seal.

Ranging from award-winning PC software to some colorful books about Tooth Fairies, the products listed below are the champions to receive accurate product recognition by use of The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval and awards which are exclusive to The Toy ManŽ Product Guide.

Name of Product:   Induction Certificate Number:

Appletters 74020100922-429
Bananagrams 74020100927-428
Citiblocs Hot/Cool Colors Wooden Building Sets - 200 74020101003-452
Diskeeper 2010 74020100930-389
Jukem Football Card Game 74020100928-451
Snazzy Baby - Mom's Deluxe 3 in 1 Plus Combo Carrier 74020100825-403
Stacey Becomes a Real Tooth Fairy 74020100930-450
Twinkle Becomes a Real Tooth Fairy 74020100930-449

According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, Editor and Product Evaluation Specialist for The Toy ManŽ Product Guide, "In today's industry there is no room for in accuracy. These products have passed our strict evaluation standards, proving they can provide what buyers are looking for, products that will generate revenue."

Further information about these products can be found by clicking on the active links or visiting

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Many products provide innovative approaches in the development and stimulation of skill development and simple needs for children and adults. "The Toy ManŽ Product Guide" is designed to identify, give recognition, and add distinctive value to these products. This is accomplished by use of "The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval", eco-Recognition™ Seal and awards.

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