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The Toy ManŽ Product Guide Announces The Fifty Best Products - 2010.

The Toy ManŽ Product Guide adds even more excitement to New Year's Eve this year with the announcement of "Fifty Best Products - 2010". Who would imagine waiting until New Year's Eve to announce The Toy ManŽ Product Guide"Fifty Best Products - 2010?" The Toy ManŽ Product Guide has, taken this unique as well as quite effective approach to drawing the full attention of its readers across the globe.

Rev. James G.W. Fisher, (Las Vegas, NV), a leading industry product evaluation specialist and editor of The Toy ManŽ Product Guide, appears to have seen the current sales market from an entirely new perspective and chose to act on it.

According to Rev. Fisher, "Today's economy has created a new trend of buying habits for the consumer. For many, their being a part of this trend is in the hopes of special deals being available with the end of the year just around the corner." In recent news reports in (AP) and multiple other sources, many consumers chose to wait until after Christmas for the price-slashing sales to make their purchases, even to the very last day of the year.

It is this change in the buying trend that prompted The Toy ManŽ Product Guide staff to wait until now to make the announcement of The Toy ManŽ Product Guide Announces The "Fifty Best Products - 2010 Award List. This serves as a fresh and reliable source for award-

According to Rev. Fisher, "Out of well over 2183 products evaluated in 2010, these fifty products were selected by qualified independent industry experts for inclusion in the The Toy ManŽ Product Guide". By making the announcement of the "Fifty Best Products - 2010 Award List" on New Year's Eve, this in its own special way is our own unique contribution to the industry as whole, the consumers, and the companies responsible for the creation of these products, to start the New Year."

Happy Holidays to everyone with the closing of this press announcement.


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