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The Toy Man® Product Guide 2010 Announces The "Q1 Top Ten" Products

The Toy Man® Product Guide starts Q2 2010 with the announcement of “Q1 Top Ten” Products. This year's announcement for the “Q1 Top Ten” Products was unlike any other previous award announcement to date.

What made this announcement so unusual was that some of the independent evaluators who cast the votes each quarter/year for the inductees voted as the “Best Products”, had a challenge in making their choices.

It seems that they had two slots left for the “Top 10” products, yet had 4 products they felt they felt all should fill those slots. The problem they had to face was that there is no exception to selection of the “Top Ten” products. Only 10 products can be voted in with no exception.

According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, (Las Vegas, NV), a leading industry product evaluation specialist and editor of The Toy Man® Product Guide, "This year's announcement of the “Q1 Top Ten” products was scheduled to be announced on April 1st, but the delay of the voting results from the independent evaluators held up the announcement until today."

Although the delay was a disruption of normal procedures with the announcement of the “Q1 Top Ten” Products, the situation in actuality created a stronger level of anticipation. As each day of the delay passed, readers becoming more and more anticipatory of discovering which products would be the "chosen few".

Unlike many of today's awards programs, relatively few products pass The Toy Man® Product Guide rigorous evaluation process each month. Those that do, become the recipients of the highly-coveted emblem of professional recognition, "The Toy Man® Seal of Approval". ("The Toy Man® Seal of Approval" represents assurance of quality, safety, value, and product integrity.)

These products have not only demonstrated they "have what it takes™" to be inducted into The Toy Man® Product Guide, but they have also earned the honor and prestigious recognition of being one of the "Q1 Top Ten" Products.

According to Rev. Fisher, "Out of the 331 products inducted in the first quarter of 2010, these ten products were selected by qualified independent industry experts for inclusion in the The Toy Man® Product Guide - "“Q1 Top Ten” Products.".


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