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The Toy Man® Product Guide Restores The Definition Of A Seal of Approval

The real definition of a "Seal of Approval" once was recognized as an emblem of high recognition. It was not an award, but was a sign of recognition for products that had met strict evaluation standards and was an emblem to be coveted. Over the years, product branding and promotional concepts came into play so that the original definition of what a "Seal of Approval" represented was diluted and distorted, if not completely lost in the shuffle. Now, the Toy ManŽ Product Guide has started a project to restore the definition of a "Seal of Approval" back to its original purpose and value.

A Seal Of Approval Is NOT An Award
The toy industry as a whole has adopted recognition of a "Seal of Approval" as an "award" in today's society. This is old news to many of us, but Rev. James G.W. Fisher, editor of "The Toy ManŽ Product Guide", has spearheaded an ongoing effort to change that way of thinking. According to Rev. Fisher, "I have taken a personal interest in restoring the true value of the Seal of Approval back to its original function and value. This will be accomplished through the usage of The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval, which has been in use since way back in the 70's." As he continued, Rev. Fisher added what he felt was a vital point to his prior statement, stating, "It is my intention to strive to restore the value once associated with the Seal of Approval; the idea of an emblem of high recognition for products that have met strict evaluation standards and earned the right to bear that seal."

The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval Validation
As part of the initiative to add greater value to The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval and restore the definition for which a "seal of approval" was once known, The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval now also incorporates a seal validation tool. Products which have been inducted into The Toy ManŽ Product Guide and are licensed to use The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval on their web site, now have a validation link unique to their specific product. The image of The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval uses that link to activate a validation notification window when it has been activated.

This notification window serves as a validation of the following:

  • The product has in fact been inducted into The Toy ManŽ Product Guide.
  • The company that produces the product holds a license in good standing to use The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval.
That is just the start though. The validation notification window also contains the following:
  • Product Name
  • Induction Certificate Number
  • Expiration Date
  • Independent Lab Tested (Yes / No / Name of Lab if applicable)
  • Company URL:
  • Link to full product review
In speaking with a number of people who have participated in an in-person survey designed to get feedback for the development of this validation tool, the response has been nothing but positive. Every single survey participant expressed how they felt " is about time to see a solution like that put into place." It seems that many people in society today are looking for a means to provide a different perspective in how they judge the value and quality of a product. As one of our survey participants stated, "This validation tool provides me with everything I want to know about a product at a glance, enticing me to want to read more about it.."

No One Solution Is The Perfect Solution
Although it is common practice to always see your personal project as the perfect solution which everyone is going to want, no one solution is the perfect solution. As Rev. Fisher put it, "This project is not created with the intent to state this is a better solution than is more what I see as a more informative tool than most available for both hard core buyers and consumers to take advantage of." Rev. Fisher also adds..."We strive to provide the very best source on product evaluations available, but no matter well recognized our work is, there is always more to be gained from others."

What this all boils down to is that restoration of what a Seal of Approval represents is now an ongoing effort of The Toy ManŽ Product Guide in order to provide an emblem that will rival the the most widely recognized seals/awards of today's society. This effort will hopefully help people to understand that a seal is a seal and an award is an award. Each has its own special value and purpose but neither of them are one and the same.



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