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The Award-Winning Game You've Been Sentenced! and It's Add-On Decks Becomes A Recipient Of The Toy Man Seal of Approval


Los Angeles, CA (28 October, 2011) - You've Been Sentenced! Word Game uses its pentagon-shaped cards with conjugations of funny words, famous names, and familiar places to earn the honor of becoming a recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval.
Image of The Toy Man Seal of Approval

The "You've Been Sentenced!" Word Game is a hybrid word game that makes a smooth transition of use in not only the home environment but education facility as well. Pentagon-shaped cards, conjugations of funny words, famous names, and familiar places, these are all a part of the experience of the game that adds a little spice to your game play.

In discussion with Rev. James G.W. Fisher, (a.k.a. :"The Toy Man®"), "You've Been Sentenced! introduces a generous level of challenge and encourages an extensive amount of skill usage and development. It presents an incredible level of challenge that causes the players to put their thinking caps on."

Induction Certificate Number: 74020110812-527 MSRP: $24.95 USD

The multi award-winning "You’ve been Sentenced!" word game uses pentagon-shaped cards with conjugations of funny words, famous names, and familiar places.
Image of the You've Been Sentenced game box and expansion packs. Each player uses his or her hand of 10 cards to build a grammatically correct sentence, racing the other players while also trying to score the most points per round. Sentences also have to be justifiable in meaning, making players use both creativity and common sense. Image of the You've Been Sentenced game box and expansion packs.
According to Susan E. Mc Neill, Resident Diva and VO of PR for Mc Neill Designs For Brighter Minds, "You’ve been Sentenced! creates an atmosphere of challenging game play that encourages strategic thinking and planning, using your brain a bit more than usual, and stimulates the competitive spirit in all of the players." "You’ve been Sentenced!" is a game that can become literally habit-forming with all of the hilarious fun at home or even in schools! Yep, "You’ve been Sentenced!" even has a lesson plan to turn "You've Been Sentenced!" into a classroom teaching tool.

If all of this wasn't enough, how about add-on decks now available to expand your experience into an even greater level of excitement, interest, and learning! A diverse variety of content creates a dramatic increase in marketability of a product. "You’ve been Sentenced!" has Add-On Decks with the following titles:

Brain Buster Word Challenge
Gourmet Cuisine
NASA Space Terminology - (Special Edition)
POP Culture
Sci-Fi / Fantasy
Sports Highlights

The ADD-On Decks are $7.95 USD each (MSRP). It's plain to see the vast array of information and challenge just waiting to be explored!

Founded in 2004, McNeill Designs for Brighter Minds launched into this marketplace with a series of innovative board, card, and party games including its flagship product, the word game "You’ve been Sentenced!" The game has consistently been recognized by both the toy and game industry, as well as the education community, and is the recipient of numerous national awards.


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