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SCRUBLE Cube Word Builder and 3D Spelling Game Becomes A Recipient Of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval


Los Angeles, CA (23 May, 2011) - First there was Jishaku.  Now There Is The SCRUBLE Cube Word Builder & 3D Spelling Game  from RSV Productions Inc. The SCRUBLE Cube is the latest award winning product to become a recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval.
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RSV Productions has developed their latest new award-winning creation, The SCRUBLE Cube Word Builder & 3D Spelling GameAccording to many consumers we spoke with, "This Scruble Cube leaves the Rubiks Cube standing in the dust."  The Scruble Cube is simple yet challenging simultaneously.  If you can spell, you can play...SCRUBLE Cube!

Induction Certificate Number: 74020110520-481 MSRP: $24.95 USD

What if you took some of the known playing patterns of some of the most popular word games and puzzles in history and combined them in a brand new, unique format to create the World’s Greatest 3-D Word Game? Well, you’d have the “SCRUBLE Cube™ a patent pending game with over 7.4 x 1045, (that’s 7,401 septillion) possible configurations that anyone who can spell can play. Scruble Cube
Just imagine having a challenging game that is not oly addictive and in an all in a portable format that can be played anywhere-anytime. SCRUBLE Cube™ is like a word game and a puzzle on steroids!

RSV Productions Inc in Tampa, FL is a private company categorized under Novelties and Specialties. It was established in 1990 and incorporated in Florida. First recognized for their award winning games, Jishaku™, the company now is highly recognized for their latest new product, SCRUBLE Cube Word Builder & 3D Spelling Game.


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