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PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago Rings The Bells Of Celebration

Merry Christmas Chicago!™ was seen as yet another significant success for PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago. What made this effort so special was partly due to the fact of two men, one from Las Vegas, NV and the other from Moriches, Long Island, choosing to travel to the Rauner Family YMCA in Chicago to make a historical difference at this facility by bringing kids and the YMCA staff even more reasons to cheer this holiday Season.

Rev. James G.W. Fisher, (Las Vegas, NV), a leading industry product evaluation specialist, editor, and member of NAEYC, was responsible for the concept and creation of "Merry Christmas Chicago!™". He contacted a generous number of companies whose products he felt "had the right mix" to be invited to contribute their products for inclusion in this event. With a diverse array of products ranging from Books, CD's and DVD's to Educational Toy and Specialty items contributed to this humanitarian effort, Merry Christmas Chicago!™ was a tremendous success.

With the assistance of Mr. Joseph Balcuk, (Moriches, Long Island), member of NSSEA, widely recognized creator and inventor of "The Merbs™ - The Spoils of Civilization", and Ms. Jennifer Godinez, (Chicago, IL), YMCA Youth and Family Program Director, there was plenty of active Play with the products which were contributed. The raffling off of all products was completed quite effectively.

Mr. Balcuk was also recently in Chicago assisting Rev. Fisher with PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago from dawn to dusk at Jesse Sherwood Elementary and during the half-day effort at Madero Middle School.

According to Rev. Fisher, "'Merry Christmas Chicago™' is the first of many more events we will be hosting over the next few months all over the United States." Together with his co-founders and other associates, top education related and just plain fun products contributed to support "Merry Christmas Chicago™", including the award winning and familiar Chicago families' favorite, Citiblocs, are now being used at the Rauner Family YMCA, by the recipients of products during the Christmas event, or both!.

Jennifer Godinez, YMCA Youth and Family Program Director at Rauner Family YMCA was overwhelmed with emotion at Merry Christmas Chicago!™. According to Ms. Godinez, "The many products which were received for the children added so much more value to our efforts as well as the event itself." She continued on to say, "The hard work by Rev. Fisher and Mr. Balcuk made this Christmas event so very special for everyone; we look forward to having them back in April."

Comet - the fast path to learning, (Active Minds), Arthouse, (Arthouse, LLC), Citiblocs, (Citiblocs), The Merbs™ - The Spoils of Civilization, (Precision Mathematics), Chess 3™, (ChessCubed, Inc.), Marshmallow Shooter, (Marshmallow Fun Company), Numbers and Counting, (Math Tutor DVD), Smash or Trash, (FunQ Games), Telling Time DVD, (Rock N' Learn, LLC), and the "Whiplash" scooter, (Street Surfing, LLC), were just some of the many contributed products which were favorites of the families who attended.

The excitement and happiness seen in the many families who took part in "Merry Christmas Chicago!™" at the Rauner Family YMCA proved how an effort such as this can truly put a whole new spin on the gift of giving for Christmas. For Rev. Fisher, "Merry Christmas Chicago!™" was so much more than just a humanitarian effort. Rev. Fisher adds, "The gifting contributions provided a substantial level of skill development and education disguised as a toy, game, or perhaps a DVD with plenty of FunFactor™ to spare."

It is so clear to see the message now that Mr. Balcuk expressed during "Merry Christmas Chicago!™"... “Having this kind of effort is essential for companies to continue striving to meet the needs of today’s 21st century learners”. Balcuk added, "PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago and events like "Merry Christmas Chicago!™" will continue to encourage progressive positive growth among families across the nation." It will be interesting to see what is next as we venture forward to PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - New York in February 2010.


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