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Los Angeles, CA - The Toy Man® Product Guide announced today that The Toy Man® Q3 Top Ten Award List is now availabttp://www.thetoyman.comle for reading at h


Los Angeles, CA (21 October, 2011) - The Toy Man "Q3 Top Ten" Award List Is Now Available Considering that the Christmas holidays are right around the corner, the selection of the products which our judges would declare as part of "Q3's Top Ten" and with "Q4's Top Ten" a matter of only 2 weeks away, the challenge seemed almost overwhelming.  We are proud to finally announce what so many of our reader have been so eager to finally see, the recipients of The Toy Man "Q3 Top Ten" Award List.

With the "Q2 Top Ten" award having been bypassed in July, the anticipation rose by so many rose to even greater heights to discover which ten products would be selected to be have the honor of being featured on The Toy Man Product Guide "Q3 Top Ten" Award List.

"The Toy Man Product Guide" announced today that the highly anticipated The Toy Man Product Guide "Q3 Top Ten" Award List is now available for reading at

The Toy Man Award Lists sets the standard. Award lists have their own unique value yet are increasingly common. Our award lists represents the high bar in accuracy and respected International standards of product & online service recognition.

The judgment for selection is based primarily yet not entirely upon the following factors:
  • Functionality
  • Educational Value
  • Contribution to Skill Development
  • Marketability
  • Visual Appeal
  • funQuotient (If applicable)

  • The products selected to be given recognition are those that The Toy Man Product Guide judges have determined are an invaluable investment and/or provide a substantial contribution to positive skill growth and productivity.  Even more important, these products have all been "Mom approved." Mothers from across the globe have shared their opinions an recommended these products for your Christmas season shopping list.

    About "The Toy Man"

    Since 1971, The Toy Man, (a.k.a. Rev. James G.W. Fisher) has been recognized for his unceasing efforts in educating parents and buyers in making intelligent buying decisions. He has been an inspiring voice as a keynote speaker in "Global Summit" events on safety concerns in children's products and services as well as noted authority with influence that makes a difference.

    As the primary founder of The Toy Man Product Guide, he continues with a well qualified and credentialed team to deliver the most lengthy and in-depth product and service evaluation reports available.

    The Toy Man "Top Ten" Award List is released as an extension of The Toy Man Product Guide itself. It serves to provide an informative source from which to learn details about products that buyers may not be or are already aware of, with an entirely new perspective.


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