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Los Angeles, CA - "The Toy Man® Product Guide" Gives Products A Whole New Media Experience

The Toy ManŽ Product Guide gives products a whole new media experience as was recently seen at Toy Fair 2012.  This new media experience comes from the introduction of a Samsung 40" LED screen attached to The Toy Man's power wheelchair at eye level.  The LED screen was quite the attention getter with a full-color video presentation of feature products which were being exhibited on the show floors.

While other forms of media exposure can reach a limited segment of attendees at an event, this approach literally reaches almost every single person on the show floor in one way or another. According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, a.k.a. "The Toy ManŽ", "The 40" LED screen creates an entirely new platform of media exposure. Such an unusual sight captures immediate attention of people and stimulates their innate curiosity to investigate further."

Rev. Fisher added, "The immense size, vibrant colors, and content that's literally in your face is not quickly forgotten. It forms an imprint in a person's memory, that by human nature causes them to tell others about it. Word of mouth with a whole new meaning."

The response level from the LED screen being used at Toy Fair was so great that The Toy ManŽ Product Guide staff are now busy booking a large number of more trade shows for the balance of 2012 where more creative presentations to dazzle the eyes of attendees at trade shows will be seen once again on this technical wonder of visual appeal.

Meeting The Ever-Changing Need

There is no question about it, there is an ever-changing need as competitive business challenges continue to evolve. Introduction of new approaches to capture multiple segments of buyers attention is a must.

This innovative new concept in marketing with a 40" LED screen attached to a power wheelchair at eye level may seem most unusual, yet it is intended to stimulate the creative thought processes of others as well to develop and deliver even more unique and effective methods of product and service media exposure. New frontiers just waiting to be explored.


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