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Los Angeles, CA (29 June, 2012) - Bionic Blox, a recent recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval Breaks The Barriers Where Others Have Failed.


Los Angeles, CA (29 June, 2012) - Bionic Blox, a recent recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval, opens entirely new realms of creative abstract structural building, with a glance of the basic physics of engineering and architectural design.
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Los Angeles, CA (22 June, 2012) - Bionic Blox has proven it can face the toughest challenges as a recent recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval. That in itself was enough of a challenge yet Bionic Blox have now gone beyond the limitations of the current wood plank construction kits with the capability to now use geometric angles that could never before be accomplished. 

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120629-583 MSRP: $39.99 USD

Bionic Blox™ Foundation Kit represents recognition of the challenge with creativity being limited with wooden planks. The plastic Bionic Star connectors make the difference with completely new dimensions of creativity to be realized. Once planks are in place, they stay in place.

The Bionic Blox by no means lessen the value or functionality of the wooden planks but rather represents the next stage in the evolution and practicality in the use of them. The Bionic Blox and connectors provide a distinct advantage over other wooden building sets. The planks from other wooden building sets are fully interchangeable with the "Bionic Star" connectors!

Bionic Blox™ and the plastic Bionic Star connectors are 100% ChildSafe™ and provide an outstanding skill development medium well beyond what wood plank building sets can do alone. All materials (including the re-usable packaging), have been safety certified for the European EN71 and/or United States Consumer Product Safety Commission standards. 

The company name came to be because these kids can do "All By Self" products. The name comes from a quote from the company founder's daughter when she was three, she wanted to do everything "All By Self". All By Myself, LLC is based in Salt Lake City, UT. Founded in 2011.

Bionic Blox children’s wooden construction toys are the result of over 4 years of product development. The development began with a need. The need was defined by a Dad whose 4 year old son grew up stacking wood blocks. However, as the son got older, he wanted to build big, sturdy structures.

The building kits for sturdy structures were typically all plastic with many small parts designed more for 8 year olds and also lacked a connection to real world objects and buildings. After scouring the Internet for the right product he realized that there was a big hole in the children’s building toy market for kids in the age range of 3-8 years old. Clearly, there was a strong desire to build in these children. Rather than waiting for his son grow up he decided to create the product.

The result is BionicBlox which use both natural wood along with indestructible, safe and colorful connectors to provide children an open-play building and construction toy.


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