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Los Angeles, CA (29 January, 2012) - The Toy Man® Product Guide The 5/15 Rule

The Toy Man ® Product Guide is now exercising the "5/15 Rule". for all of their press coverage in 2012. The "5/15 Rule" is quite simple yet still so effective as outlined below;

  • A goal for 5 minutes of talk time at an appointment is set with a 15 minute maximum.

  • The reporter's PDA, Blackberry, or other device is set to go off at 12 minutes.
    (This allows a maximum of 3 minutes to close the interview, collect business cards/materials, and proceed to next appointment without need to rush.)

  • All appointments will be booked in 15 minute blocks with option for the EXHIBITOR or PR REP to reserve one or more blocks as needed.

With budgets for trade shows being in an entirely new arena this year, exhibitors are looking for every possible way to get the best possible return on their investment like never before.

"The trade show floor is now a place where the more personable approach of extended conversations for news reporters is not good business sense; time is money more than ever before. Business today demands that efforts such as the 5/15 Rule be implemented.  This ensures maximum productivity in news reporting which in turn creates a positive mutual benefit."

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All Future Event Appointments

Looking to schedule an appointment for us to visit your booth at any of these events as well as events in the future? It is important to make your appointments sooner than later. With the high demand for coverage by The Toy Man® Product Guide at at any event, this will reduce the risk of no appointment times being available. * If you are unable to schedule an appointment due to no appointment slots available, you can be placed on a standby list in the event there are any cancellations. If you expect your appointment to take more than 15 minutes, please be sure to request two blocks of time for your proper coverage.


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