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Los Angeles, CA (20 January, 2012) - The Trikke EV Becomes A Recipient Of The Toy Man Seal of Approval


Los Angeles, CA (20 January, 2012) - The Trikke EV Tribred undoubtedly proved on both street and indoors that it has what it takes to meet the tough evaluation standards to receive The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval and awards.
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The "Trikke EV Tribred Electric Bike" is a consummation of innovative product design, contribution to a fitter body, and productive functionality all rolled up into a three wheeled masterpiece.   In more simple terms, The Trikke EV Tribred Electric Bike is a lithium battery, front wheel powered vehicle geared to serve multiple market segments ranging from general use and sports/fitness, to hotel/resort offerings. Through ski-style movements, the rider creates the momentum for the bike to move forward.

In discussion with Rev. James G.W. Fisher, (a.k.a. :"The Toy ManŽ"), " From my own personal standpoint, the Tribred Electric Bikes enable many people who are physically challenged such as myself, to reclaim the enjoyment of activity that contributes substantially to personal fitness and productive psychological impact."

Induction Certificate Number: 74020110812-527 MSRP: $2199.99 USD

The beauty of the Trikke EV's functionality is that it is designed to work with or without the electric assist option. Taking this one step further, a very important factor to consider is how virtually any rider can adapt to the use of the vehicle. In addition, the design of the vehicle allows the experience of the rider to encompass a much wider range of terrain and locations that most other electric bikes or similar vehicles can't even begin to approach.
Image of the Trikke EV Electric Bike What you have here is a product that has a diverse range of application and functionality with a consistent track record of positive contribution to the betterment of others. The reception of this award is clearly well earned and deserved.
According to Mr. John Simpson, CEO of Trikke Tech, Inc., "The Trikke EV as well as its companion models provides a new opportunity for people to enjoy everyday life like never before.  They are uniquely stable and maneuverable so you can confidently ride in the work place or for recreational fitness while in a standing-riding position."  Mr. Simpson went on further to say..."You can carve side to side for the exhilarating feeling experienced in skiing, or just get an enjoyable, low-impact workout while you are attending to what used to be mundane work activities."

For those who are in a rush to get things done, the Trikke EV can even pull a maximum of 17mph! Whether in a rush to get to the store, or transporting parts in a large warehouse, the Trikke EV contributes substantially to your productivity while enabling you to have more time to do more than ever before.  The Trikke EV and companion models offer the most efficient, stable, and portable electric vehicle on the market today."

Trikke Tech, Inc., is the leader in 3-wheeled carving vehicles and innovator of the Skki. Trikke Tech, Inc. has something for everyone and every age; fitness vehicles, green rechargeable motorized vehicles as well as the latest craze for free riding down the slopes. Check out: or


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