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Los Angeles, CA (16 December, 2011) - A New Dimension In Hospitality; "The Toy Man® B2B Rewards Program" gives Hilton™ Hotel properties an even greater edge on the competition.


Los Angeles, CA (16 December, 2011) - A New Dimension In Hospitality; "The Toy Man® B2B Rewards Program" gives Hilton™ Hotel properties an even greater edge on the competition.

With the economy having such a strong influence in the hospitality industry, it has become startlingly apparent that branding recognition of service and image has become progressively more challenging.

According to The Toy Man®, (a.k.a. Rev. James G.W. Fisher), "In our evaluation of various hotel properties across the nation in recent months, it has become all too clear that the climate has changed in the hospitality industry." Rev. Fisher goes on to say, "The name of a hotel chain isn't enough. Every detail of an experience at a hotel property is taken into consideration by it's guests. It is this very fact that served as the inspiration to introduce 'The Toy Man® B2B Rewards Program' to the hospitality industry, starting with a number of Hilton™ hotel properties."
"The Toy Man® B2B Rewards Program follows in the footsteps of a current program which is active at multiple airports, resorts, and now theme parks across the globe", says The Toy Man®.   "Where people have been bored senseless from the normal routine of their travel or recreational experience, The Toy Man® Product Guide has been introducing exciting new toys, games, DVD's and original classic products for their enjoyment in their experience while just trying to pass the time away."  
An image of two men playing Bananagrams at the Embassy Suites Lakefront, Chicago.
With The Toy Man® B2B Rewards Program, not only do hotels gain from having a library of toys, games, plush, DVD's and other products for their guests to check out like a library and at no charge of any kind, product developers now have an exclusive conduit where their products are being examined impartially by real people with no possible inflection of bias. No matter where the program is being used, people acquire a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in their experience. This is a whole new realm of excitement that appears to have no boundaries while providing rewards from business to business and to the consumer like never before imagined.

About "The Toy Man®"

Since 1971, The Toy Man®, (a.k.a. Rev. James G.W. Fisher) has been recognized for his unceasing efforts in educating parents and buyers in making intelligent buying decisions. He has been an inspiring voice as a keynote speaker in global summit events on safety concerns in children's products and services as well as a noted authority with influence that makes a productive difference.

As the primary founder of The Toy Man® Product Guide, he continues with a well qualified and credentialed team to deliver the most lengthy and in-depth product and service evaluation reports available.

To become a recipient of "The Toy Man® Award of Excellence" the product or service under evaluation must achieve an evaluation category rating average, ECRA™, of [5] Stars, the highest level of rating available on a 1-5 scale evaluation model. The ECRA," is based upon the overall average from all applicable evaluation categories, not just the 6 evaluation categories featured in an evaluation report summary, ERS."


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