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Fooz Kids Seizes The Moment Proving Its Importance & Value as a Recipient of The Toy Man Seal of Approval and eco-Recognition™ Seal


Los Angeles, CA (9 September, 2011) - Fooz Kids Seizes The Moment, Proving Its Importance & Value as a Recipient of The Toy Man Seal of Approval and eco-Recognition™ Seal
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Fooz Kids is dedicated to enhancing and improving children's creativity, connectedness, discovery, learning and play. Kids grow up only once and Fooz Kids has seized the moment and given mother's an added assurance and security in their children's Internet activities.

Induction Certificate Number: 74020110812-525 MSRP: $69.95 USD

When it comes to children activities, mothers are the most actively involved in selecting what’s right for them. Some digital media might be inappropriate for their age, and some online destinations are clearly unsafe. Fooz Kids avoids these issues and delivers a safe environment for children, controlled by parents.
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Fooz Kids has a simple user interface that makes it easy for kids to Create, Connect, Discover, Learn and Play.Parents can access the Parental Dashboard to manage appropriate content for their child, and monitor their progress through our advanced Report Card.

FUHU is a leading provider of Web 2.0 properties and applications that help people manage, access and share their digital life anywhere, anytime.

FUHU has developed a portfolio of four integrated web properties that collectively embody its mission and values:
  1. urFooz: a portable ID that gives you one identity for all your online activities and an avatar creator to create a virtual “you”.
  2. Spinlets: a easy to use Web widget creator and platform to deliver your content to your favorite sites and manage marketing campaigns.
  3. Spinlets Lab: a platform that allows you to create, distribute, manage and track widgets.
  4. urSpin: a community driven personalized start page that allows you to easily consolidate and manage all your stuff on the web.


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