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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA (16 June, 2013) The Toy Man® Pavilion To Set New Standards In Branding Recognition @ Trade Shows and Other Events


Los Angeles, CA - 16 June 2013 The Toy Man® Pavilion To Set New Standards In Branding Recognition at Trade Shows and Other Events

As with everything else in life, evolution in business is a must to maintain a solid image and recognition. The Toy Man® News & Reviews once again breaks new boundaries with the announcement of the The Toy Man® Pavilion project for trade shows and other events starting June, 2013.

According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, (a.k.a. The Toy Man®), founder and chief editor of The Toy Man® News & Reviews, "Giving recognition to products that pass our strict evaluation standards is not enough. It is our desire to create not just a new experience but to develop branding recognition for these products like never before imagined...and do it for FREE!"

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The Toy Man® Pavilion is a different approach to product Pavilions due two important reasons:

Rev. Fisher added..."In The Toy Man® Pavilion, buyers, press, exhibitors, and even consumers alike, (depending upon type of event), are all given an opportunity to experience more than just seeing products in a presentation. They will have a time-proven spontaneous hands-on experience triggering a strong stimulation to a buyer's interests as well as a greater sense of familiarity about each of the products in the Pavilion."

The Toy Man® Pavilion concept is designed to host products ranging from apparel to toys and so much more for a direct hands-on familiarity experience. This also includes ecoFriendly / Organic products that will serve to make your buying experience quite fruitful, along with a pinch of fun and exclusive entertainment.


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