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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA (21 June, 2013) The Toy Man® Pavilion Continues To Set The Bar For Awards Programs To Follow At The PLUSH Preview In Las Vegas


Los Angeles, CA - 21 June 2013 The Toy Man® Pavilion To Set New Standards In Branding Recognition and Awards at The PLUSH Preview in Las Vegas Oct 15-17

Who says nothing in life is free? The Toy Man® News & Reviews proves there are still things that are free and still retain great value while breaking new boundaries.  This all comes with the recent announcement of the The Toy Man® Pavilion being featured at the PLUSH preview in Las Vegas, NV October 15-17, 2013. With a 40' x 40' product Pavilion, The Toy Man® will be helping a significant number of companies, both big and small, build greater product branding recognition as exclusive guests of The Toy Man® Pavilion.

According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, (a.k.a. The Toy Man®), founder and chief editor of The Toy Man® News & Reviews, "Giving recognition to products that pass our strict evaluation standards is not enough. It is our desire to create not just a new experience but to develop strong branding recognition for these products like never before imagined...and do it for FREE, just as our product evaluation program."

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The Toy Man® Pavilion is a different approach to product Pavilions due two important reasons:

Rev. Fisher added..."In The Toy Man® Pavilion, our guests at the PLUSH Preview for their show 2014, will not be plagued by fees and never ending solicitations for product or award submissions. Unlike many awards programs, it is our philosophy that the more you share, the more you will have to share.  As we are blessed we desire to share that same blessing with others, to help them reap blessings in abundance and in turn, follow our example."

The posh urbanites show™, "PLUSH" is what The Toy Man® News & Reviews sees as a "diamond in the rough, rapidly evolving to realize its full brilliance and value." It was only logical for The Toy Man® Pavilion to be a part of the PLUSH Preview show in Las Vegas which will serve as a sneak peek of the magnificence of what is to come in 2014. PLUSH provides the perfect opportunity for The Toy Man® Pavilion to continue to restore the standards of trust and belief in product branding development and awards that is so lacking in the industry as a whole today.


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