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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Las Vegas, NV (26 January, 2018) - The Maze-O Starter Kit Allows Kids To Create New Paths In Cognitive Development With Such Simplicity and Fun


Las Vegas, NV - 26 January, 2018 The Maze-O Starter Kit Creates New Paths In Cognitive Development With Such Simplicity and Fun For Kids

The products featured in this week's New Inductee and Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) / Review Announcement are about more than just their in-depth product evaluation by qualified experts / leading authorities. Amazing new boundaries have been broken once again; this time with a remarkable award winning product that has captured the attention of retailers, teachers and children.
According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, founder and chief editor of The Toy Man® Product Guide, "The Maze-O Starter Kit proved to be far more than what was assumed upon first glance and reading. Whether teachers, moms or children, there were so many unique perspectives established and proven that brought this product to the top of my list in evaluation."

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Rev. Fisher added..."The Maze-O Starter Kit is so much more than just another simple puzzle concept to contribute to cognitive development. Unlike most toys evaluated, whether teacher, mom, child or combination of any any of them, stimulation of cognitive development and educative Play create the highest funFactor in a child's experience."

"For teachers and Moms alike, The Maze-O Starter Kit creates an interactive pathway between the child or children and themselves. Learning can come from just the puzzle pieces alone or the challenge cards combined. Positive interaction occurs with positive results!"

To add to the excitement the the introduction of these of this award winning product, it is important to be aware of the fact that it has not only passed our strict evaluation process; The Maze-O Starter Kit is a recipient of "The Toy Man® Mom's Choice Award" which is so highly coverted by many, yet awarded to few.

The best is always saved for last. There are no fees of any kind for anything to receive this award! The only requirement is a product must have met the strict evaluation guidelines to be approved to use The Toy Man® Seal of Approval. No fees, just Mom Approved!"

The Toy Man® Mom's Choice Award" is the culmination of feedback and suggestions made by moms across the globe who are looking for an emblem that Moms can recognize and appreciate inspired by Moms, for Moms.
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Whether you are an industry buyer or consumer, the award-winning products featured this week can be a valuable asset in regard to your investment whether for a store, school, or home.


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