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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA (30 May, 2014) - Two Amazing New Products Break New Boundaries With What Retailers, Teachers, and Consumers Referred To As 'A Perfect Solution'


Los Angeles, CA - 30 May 2014 Two New Product Concepts Break Boundaries Never Before Imagined With What Retailers, Teachers, and Consumers Referred To As "A Perfect Solution."

The products featured in this week's New Inductee and Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) / Review Announcement are about more than just their in-depth product evaluation by qualified experts / leading authorities. Amazing new boundaries have been broken once again; this time with remarkable award winning products that have captured the attention of retailers, teachers and consumers as what they referred to as "...the perfect solution."
According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, founder and chief editor of The Toy ManŽ News & Reviews, "In our retailer / school and consumer hands-on evaluation, Pley and The SMART Playbook have developed a perfect solution for two distinctly different challenges that teachers and moms alike have to deal with. These products provide a contribution to the industry that is literally invaluable and have a lasting effect on multiple levels."

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Rev. Fisher added..."Just imagine a Lego's™ set in a cardboard box where a child can play it until they lose interest, and then affix the shipping label that comes with the box and be able to send it back to Pley. Soon after, a new Pley box arrives a completely different set to explore and learn from! Parents can rent LEGOŽ sets, pay less, and their kids can play more!"

"The SMART Playbook provides a game-changing life skills coaching tool for a modern world of raising kids. An addictive book of activities and learning for parents and kids that breathes new life to the family experience. It's like a family game where the parents will be the coaches, and the children will be the players."

To add to the excitement the the introduction of these of these award winning products, it is important to be aware if the fact that they both are part of the first group of products to become recipients of "The Toy ManŽ Mom's Choice Award" which made its initial debut today.

The best is always saved for last. There are no fees of any kind for anything to receive this award! The only requirement is a product must have met the strict evaluation guidelines to be approved to use The Toy Man Seal of Approval. No fees, just Mom Approved!"

The Toy ManŽ Mom's Choice Award" is the culmination of feedback and suggestions made by moms across the globe who are looking for an emblem that Moms can recognize and appreciate inspired by Moms, for Moms.
Image of The Toy ManŽ Mom's Approved Award - Comme il Faut
Whether you are an industry buyer or consumer, the award-winning products featured this week can be a valuable asset in regard to your investment whether for a store, school, or home. Get more of the details first hand in this week's New Inductee and Evaluation Report Summary (ERS) / Review Announcement - 30 May, 2014


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