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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Las Vegas, NV (27 July, 2018) - Cognitive Development Takes An Entirely New Path With Such Simplicity Using Elephango!


Las Vegas, NV (27 July, 2018) Cognitive Development Takes An Entirely New Path With Such Simplicity Using Elephango!

Just when we think we have been wowed beyond reason with the latest new products in education industry, you can rest assured yet another will soon come on the scene with an even bigger wow! Elephango is NOT just another product that wows you, taking the place of a prior one; rather it is in a class all it's own.
According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, founder and chief editor of The Toy Man® Product Guide, "Elephango took me by surprise. Despite the online service offering of Elephango being designed for grades 1-12, my staff and I, teachers and consumer hands-on event participants were absolutely addicted to the service. We found ourselves migrating from one section to another and yet another, constantly captivated and engaged."

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Rev. Fisher added..."Elephango has established a new standard in online education resources that are vital to cognitive development in a child. A child begins a never ending journey as they are captured by their first learning content which in turn stimulates their desire to follow a seemingly never ending wealth of source of new topics of content to read."

"Interactivity is vital in learning and strong cognitive development. This product takes advantage of today's technology and is but a single reach away. It can be accessed on home computers, iPads and even cell phones. This provides an endless source of entertainment and learning like never before imagined."

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To add to the excitement the the introduction of these of this award winning product, it is important to be aware of the fact that it has not only passed our strict evaluation process; Elephango is a recipient of "The Toy Man® Mom's Choice and S.T.E.M. Awards as well as others to which have been duly earned. ".
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The best is always saved for last. There are no fees of any kind for any product or service submitted for our review to receive "The Toy Man® Seal of Approval and Awards". The only requirement is a product / service must have met the strict evaluation guidelines to be approved to use The Toy Man Seal of Approval. There are no submission fees to ensure no inflection of bias.The Toy Man Seal of Approval is modeled after "The Good Housekeeping Seal". This results in a strict editorial judgment and evaluation process with guidelines consistent with the current industry standards in that product or service class / division.


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