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A Time of Monumental Change - The Toy Man® "Award of Excellence" Retires To Be Replaced With A New Face Of Prestige and Honor


Los Angeles, CA (7 October, 2011) - A Time of Monumental Change; The Toy Man® "Award of Excellence" retires to be replaced with a new face of prestige and honor. — The Toy Man® Product Guide announces the introduction of the 3rd generation of The Toy Man® "Award of Excellence.

With awards programs becoming increasingly common to the industry, it has become startlingly apparent that a monumental change in the current generation of The Toy Man® "Award of Excellence" is in demand. 
According to The Toy Man®, (a.k.a. Rev. James G.W. Fisher), "For over a decade, the second generation of The Toy Man® "Award of Excellence" has represented the high bar in accuracy and respected International standards of product & online service evaluation. Now we usher in the next generation of The Toy Man® "Award of Excellence" to meet the ever increasing expectations of today's society."
The Toy Man Award of Excellence
"Since 11th of January 1971, The Toy Man® Product Guide has remained ever vigilant in its efforts to deliver and maintain an emblem and awards that follow in the footsteps of the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval®", says The Toy Man®"Consumers and buyers alike have a need for emblems/awards that give them a sense of confidence in what they are buying. The newest generation of The Toy Man® "Award of Excellence" continues to hold the mantle in the fulfillment of that need."

About "The Toy Man®"

Since 1971, The Toy Man®, (a.k.a. Rev. James G.W. Fisher) has been recognized for his unceasing efforts in educating parents and buyers in making intelligent buying decisions. He has been an inspiring voice as a keynote speaker in global summit events on safety concerns in children's products and services as well as a noted authority with influence that makes a productive difference.

As the primary founder of The Toy Man® Product Guide, he continues with a well qualified and credentialed team to deliver the most lengthy and in-depth product and service evaluation reports available.

To become a recipient of "The Toy Man® Award of Excellence" the product or service under evaluation must achieve an evaluation category rating average, ECRA™, of [5] Stars, the highest level of rating available on a 1-5 scale evaluation model. The ECRA," is based upon the overall average from all applicable evaluation categories, not just the 6 evaluation categories featured in an evaluation report summary, ERS."


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