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2Seal of Approval Recognition Award Finalists and Winners At The Digital Kids Conference


27 April, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA

The Toy ManŽ Product Guide has created what many refer to as a 'turning point' when it comes to awards for products and services with the introduction of the 'Seal of Approval Recognition Award'.

At the Digital Kids Conference recently held in Pasadena, CA where the multigenerational commonality of media communication and interaction was addressed; top industry experts provided their insight on building, managing and monetizing services, products and interactive content for digital kids and connected youth.

Considering the fact that this conference was a treasure trove of innovation, quality and creative thinking, it seemed only logical to be the location selected to introduce the 'Seal of Approval Recognition Award' following the end of the conference.

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In the industry to day, when one mentions 'awards', it is generally associated with the expectation of a cost to associated with it. This is the exact foundational reason for the creation of this prestigious award. The elite few who are selected to


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