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Los Angeles, CA (10 August, 2012) - Puzzle Warehouse Steps Ahead of the Competition; Breaking the Industry Norm and Setting the Bar for Others To Follow.

Los Angeles, CA (10 August, 2012) - Puzzle Warehouse Steps Ahead of the Competition by Breaking The Industry Norm; Submitting Products to The Toy ManŽ Product Guide which all received The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval and Awards.
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Puzzle Warehouse, a leading retail source with a catalogue hosting the largest selection of jigsaw puzzles available, has seized the moment, capturing the entire industry by surprise. In the past two weeks, Puzzle Warehouse has had 9 different products they submitted that were approved as New Inductees for The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval and multiple awards. 

Puzzle Warehouse knew exactly what they were doing. They recognize that the The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval is in fact an Internationally recognized iconic emblem that serves as a validation Seal in which consumers, corporate buyers, and retailers put their trust. 
In speaking with Ashley Chase, Social Media and Content manager for Puzzle Warehouse, she stated, "We have a variety of products in our catalogue that we hope to see become recipients of The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval." She later added, "We see the added-value that can be gained with this Seal for potential increase in sales."
Rev. James G.W. Fisher, (a.k.a. The Toy ManŽ), made an important point to be considered when asked for his personal viewpoint about the product submissions from Puzzle Warehouse.  "It has been a long standing assumption that products are submitted for evaluation strictly by the product developers.  Retailers and distributors alike can also submit products for evaluation, to take advantage of the substantial marketing advantage gained from The Toy ManŽ Seal of Approval and awards.

This is a historical break in the industry norm that will not soon be forgotten. Puzzle Warehouse has unquestionably set the bar for their competitors to follow with this strategic move to increase sales conversions.  Having the largest selection of jigsaw puzzles in their catalogue is far from enough, Puzzle Warehouse is pushing the envelope in innovative concepts. 

Puzzle Warehouse is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Among the nearly 80 brands they stock, you will find that they have the top name brands like Ravensburger, Sunsout, Master Pieces, Springbok and Piatnik. Puzzle Warehouse has something for every age and skill level with jigsaw puzzles from only 4 pieces all the way up to 32,000 pieces (the largest jigsaw puzzle in the world) AND the largest Jigsaw Puzzle warehouse in the world.

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