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Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins Proves She Doesn't Just Sit On A Shelf With Her Reception Of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval


Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins Proves She Doesn't Just Sit On A Shelf With Her Reception Of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval

Los Angeles, CA (06 May, 2011)
- Unlike many other products of similar nature, Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins proves she doesn't just sit on a shelf.  She works in constant vigil to become an inspiration to children to exercise their imagination and encourages self-supportive Play.  Despite the immense challenge she proved she has what it takes to become a recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval.
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Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins: a new elf, a new story, and a new family tradition that will be remembered for a lifetime! There are plenty of elves, and then there are the Pop-In-Kins!  Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins "pops in" to visit children with the first lighting of the family Christmas tree and stays until the last holiday decoration is put away. Featuring hide-and-seek and holiday fun for the entire family, Christina Marie encourages children to seek the very best within themselves and to share their very best with others.

According to one of the credentialed independent evaluators who reviewed Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins, "Experience with all the colors, the artwork, the words in the storybook, Christina Marie herself, and the social interaction with others has a significant impact on behavioral and developmental skills for a child. Sensory development and fine motor skills alone are but two of the many essential skills which this product combination has a generous level of influence upon."

Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins has got everything going for her. She's a posable character, has her nifty case / book holder and the colorful and delightful storybook itself. It is this creative combination that held a strong influence in the awarding of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval.

Induction Certificate Number: 74020110311-488 MSRP: $29.99 USD


Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins is part of the classic hide-and-seek elf tradition created in 1984 by Flora Johnson of Atwater, Ohio. Inspired by a tradition Johnson began with her own children during the early 1960s, this adorable elf “pops in” from late November to Christmas Eve to visit children and share in the excitement of the holiday season.  For many families, Christina Marie manages to continue the rest of the year spreading her joy and warmth of Christmas. Image of Christina Marie Pop-In-Kins


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