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"PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago" - History In The Making

The primary focus of the event series will be four days and one evening at two Chicago inner-city schools interacting with the faculty and students to help them become acquainted with the use of the products which have been donated. The remaining three days will be featuring spontaneous hands-on consumer evaluation of these same products at locations all over Chicago, even the subway!

According to Rev. James G.W. Fisher, a leading industry product evaluation specialist and editor of The Toy Man® Product Guide, "PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago is the next step in bringing the personable interaction of home-schooling into the classroom and combining it with the introduction of exciting new educational media content which makes learning fun."

Rev. Fisher continues to express, "There are so many fascinating educational and recreational products just waiting for kids to experience. PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago takes these products and brings them to schools at a level greater than just a donation."

Rev. Fisher's point of the products being more than a donation couldn't possibly be more correct. Students can now feel a greater sense of value and appreciation from the creation of their constructed responses. These responses from the students provide a personal contribution to the designers of these products to help them to see more clearly how they can be improved and develop a more informed marketing development of their products.

Another feature of PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago is that not only do the schools receive these products which have been donated, but so do the students. Through day and evening events coordinated with the schools participating in this program, hands-on product evaluation feedback forms have been filled out by parents and students about the products they have experienced playing with or using. Many of these products are raffled off to the students and parents, provides an added pinch of FunFactor™ to their learning.!"

To add to the excitement, Rev. Fisher and two of The Toy Man® Product Guide staff will be introducing educational and other recreational games, DVD's and toys to passengers on an Amtrak train from California, as they are en route to Chicago for PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago. For many of the passengers on this train, it will be like an early holiday celebration!

For the sponsors of PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago, both the train ride and event series in Chicago will serve as a perfect medium for support of their own humanitarian efforts in support of education for consumers and in public schools.

PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago may very well serve as an historical event as many have expressed; the birth of an event series that will become an annual event in Chicago. PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago is just the beginning of an effort to bring education and consumer products together with a generous level of FunFactor™. The result of this effort will encourage progressive positive growth and continue with other cities and schools across the nation!

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PLEASE NOTE: PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago is in no manner endorsed directly or indirectly by the Chicago Public Schools. PROJECT: Education Outreach™ Chicago is an independent program developed and produced by The Toy Man® Product Guide, a division of GreyWolf Corp. in association with the International Parenting Institute™.


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