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"Merry Christmas Chicago™ - A Whole New Spin on Christmas Giving."

Rev. James G.W. Fisher, a leading industry product evaluation specialist / editor of The Toy Man® Product Guide and Mr. Joseph Balcuk, widely recognized creator and inventor of "The Merbs™ - The Spoils of Civilization", wanted to make a difference during the Christmas holidays this year in Chicago with the introduction of a humanitarian effort titled, "Merry Christmas Chicago!™".

Rev. Fisher and Mr. Balcuk were recently in Chicago for the historical start of PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago and are returning for round two with "Merry Christmas Chicago!™". The two companies continue make a historical difference and bring kids even more reasons to cheer this holiday Season.

"Merry Christmas Chicago™" is another service of PROJECT: Education Outreach which was first formed formed to bring donated educational games, DVD's and other products to schools and families in cities across the U.S. that they might otherwise never have had the opportunity to experience.

The first phase of PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago began at two inner-city schools as part of a first-run event series and will now expand to other areas of Chicago beginning with "Merry Christmas Chicago!™" at the Rauner Family YMCA during one of their own Christmas activities.

According to Rev. Fisher, "'Merry Christmas Chicago!™' gives us an opportunity to make this Christmas one that will have a lasting and comforting memory for many children." Rev. Fisher even gained the support of award-winning companies across the globe for the realization of "Merry Christmas Chicago™". He gathered their top educational and just plain fun products of 2009 for donation to "Merry Christmas Chicago!™", including the award winning and familiar Chicago family's favorite, Citiblocs.

Besides the gifting portion of "Merry Christmas Chicago!™" at the Rauner Family YMCA, a feature highlight will be the opportunity for everyone in attendance to meet the creator and inventor of "The Merbs™ - The Spoils of Civilization," Joseph Balcuk. "It is important and necessary for me to express how important learning is." said Balcuk. "All kids can reach their goals and find success; we can help foster their dreams."

Balcuk has a genuine excitement for this event. “Having this kind of effort is essential for companies to continue striving to meet the needs of today’s 21st century learners” Balcuk said. PROJECT: Education Outreach™ - Chicago and events like "Merry Christmas Chicago!™" will continue to encourage progressive positive growth among families across the nation.

On behalf of The Toy Man® Product Guide and all contributing sponsors for "Merry Christmas Chicago!™" we respectfully wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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