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"Fifty Best Products 2013"

Image of the Wee-Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bibs Wee-Drool Waterproof Reversible T-Bib

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120706-575  

Wee Drool T-bibs are stylish waterproof bibs designed to protect your little one's clothing from dribble, drool, spit up and spills in an ultra chic green way. Made from a blend of Bamboo Viscose and Organic Cotton, these T-bibs are the ultimate in softness, comfort, soak-proof protection and of course, style!

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of Puckababy Go-Go - Newborn

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130913-655

The perfect snuggly wrapping blanket which embraces your baby from top to toe! This beautiful and luxurious blanket protects your child from the cold and external stimuli, both in and out of bed. The Gogo acts as an ideal swaddle cloth for both in and outside the house. It protects against cold, draughts and too many impulses.
Image of thePuckababy The Bag - Newborn Puckababy The Bag 4 Seasons - Newborn

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130920-660

The ideal baby and toddler sleeping bag for years of safe, pleasurable sleeping. Unique "4 in One" design with adjustable length. You can adapt to any season and it will last for years. The bag is a sleeping bag which fits nicely around the arms and the body. The combination of the quality of the materials and the shape of The bag prevents your child feeling lost and uncomfortable in their bed.
Image of Puckababy Piep The Original® - Newborn

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130913-654

The unique first month sleeping bag for a healthy rhythm in sleeping and feeding; proven effective against crying, restlessness and poor sleeping. Puckababy Piep The Original® consists of an outer bag and a special vest within in which your baby gets placed. By limiting the space around your baby for movement, the baby automatically finds more rest.
Image of USA Licensed Sports Bows USA Licensed Sports Bows

Induction Certificate Number: 74020140823-651

High quality ribbon bow hair accessories licensed by the NFL, many Collegiate Institutions and a growing number of other institutions. Our committment to product quality and customer service differentiates USA Licensed Bows from other companies, but more importantly, provides our customers with a level of service unparalleled in our industry.
Image of the Little Big Fan Collegiate Warmers Little Big Fan Collegiate Warmers

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131206-669

Officially Licensed Collegiate Product. Keeps legs and/or arms protected during all playtimes and seasons. Allows for quick, easy diaper changes, potty training and warmth. Shows the littlest and BIGGEST fan's pride in the perfect way!

Board & Card Games, Puzzles and More

Image of the Long Story Short Game Long Story Short

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-683

Long Story Short is a hit party game that mixes social media with the time-tested fun of storytelling.  Each round, the Storyteller shares an experience or story with the group using the fun story starters. The storyteller tells a story that is either true or false. Players then make the long story short by creating a headline, drawing a picture, writing a text, or crafting a tweet for the story told. Players compete for the best short story.
Image of Fishing Camp - The Game Fishing Camp - The Game

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130405-573

Fishing Camp is a game where both children & adults can play & learn fun facts about Fishing. The game is designed to grow with the player, starting at level one questions, which are primarily identification of fish and fishing tackle. As the players increase in their knowledge about Fishing, they grow into the higher level questions.
Image of the FLIP2BFIT Fitness In A Box Board Game Flip2BFit - Fitness In A Box

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131206-667

Fitness in a Box is the ONLY educational fitness board game in the market today. Opening young minds to the concepts of Yoga, Cardio, Stretchinga and Strength through the simple concept of playing a board game. Through individual play, group play and competition children develop leadership abilities, self-confidence, nutrition knowlege, physical agility as well as self-esteem.

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of Liliputiens Marcel - A Game of Touch Liliputiens Marcel - A Game of Touch

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130928-664

Bury your hand inside Marcel's tummy and touch the textured picture cards! The game contains matching sets of different cards that have the same two pictures and the same two different fabric textures on the cards. A creative twist on a traditional memory game that can be played alone or with multiple players. Designed and made by the Belgium based Lilliputiens company and distributed by HABA USA.
Image of the Po-Rum-Bo Board Game Po-Rum-Bo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130823-616

Po-Rum-Bo is a combination of Poker & Rummy played on a Game Board. Using playing cards from all four playing card suits, players place them criss-cross, either “across” or “down” on a game board with bonus squares. You earn points with every play of the game based on the cards played, the hands created and the board bonus squares used.
Image of the Tangram Smart Shape Matching Game Tangram Smart

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130315-620

Tangram Smart is a puzzle, a race, and a challenging learning activity all packed into one game! Players race to reproduce animals, objects, and numbers from a flipchart. The first player to finish yells "Tangram Smart!" Other players check for accuracy and completeness. Based on a mythical ancient Chinese puzzle, Tangram Smart will be a hit with gamers of all skill levels and age.
Image of the Parent Talk board game. Parent Talk

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-682

This interactive, question-and-answer game gets you thinking and talking – with your partner, your friends, family and other parents. Decide how you, personally, want to handle the big and small decisions to raise your child. What will work for your family? Make sure the other adults in your child's life are on the same page. Or, if you're not sure how to handle a situation, get ideas from the other players!

Books, CD's & DVD's and Combo Sets

Image of the book Heard on the Playgropund Heard On The PlayGround

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130920-661

Children tell it like it is... which often leaves adults hysterical, shocked and amused. I've taken the best stories submitted to my website,, by parents, grandparents, teachers, relatives, and friends from across the nation. The result is a book that's sure to give you a serious chuckle.  As an added bonus, the illustrations are drawings done by kids.
Image of the End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad book End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130830-649

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad is a brand new children's book designed to teach kids, ages 2-7+, basic counting, colors, food recognition and develop their critical thinking skills through the art of cooking. The story itself is a recipe, told using rhymes and colorful illustrations that take kids on a cooking adventure while teaching them important learning fundamentals as well as promote healthy eating habits.

Consumer Electronics & Accessories

Image of the Blendtec STEALTH Blender Blendtec STEALTH Commercial Blender

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-681

The most advanced commercial blender on the planet is now available to those who will settle for nothing less than the very best in their kitchen. The Blendtec Stealth is simply the most advanced blender on the planet, and also the quietest–blending at the sound level of normal conversation.

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of the Blendtec Twister Jar Blendtec Twister

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-680

The Twister™ jar is designed to blend your thickest recipes, such as nut butters, hummus, baby food, dips, thick shakes, dressings and more! To use the jar, simply add ingredients and twist the lid counter-clockwise while the blend cycle is running. This twisting motion forces the ingredients from the sides of the jar back into the blade, allowing you to achieve a perfect blend every time.
Image of the Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears necomimi Brain Wave Cat Ears

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-679

Necomimi’s cat-like reactive movements show how interested or relaxed you are in real-time. It’s a fun, quirky addition to parties, cosplay, bachelorette weekends and tailgating at your favorite sporting event. Anytime you want to entertain your friends and family, wear Necomimi!

Infant, Juvenile and Mommie / Mum Stuff

Image of the Sleepyhead Body Pod Deluxe Sleepyhead Body Pod Deluxe

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130809-628

Sleepyhead® Body Pod Deluxe is a multifunctional, portable complete baby bed you can take anywhere. Softer than a blanket or Moses basket, you can use practically anywhere. The Sleepyhead is made from breathable materials and the filling has anti-dustmite, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of PRIMO Folding Bathstand & Eurobath PRIMO Folding Bathstand & Eurobath

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-678

PRIMO’s Folding Bath Stand helps make bathing a baby easier and more convenient. Safe for babies 0-12 months (up to 30 lbs) who can not stand up unassisted. The stand puts the baby bath at waist height to help stop Mom’s back aches and pains from kneeling or bending during bath time.
Image of the i-Mat Creative Baby I-MAT™ Set - My Animal World

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130610-637

Featuring a full color illustration of animals from around the world, the i-Mat™ serves as a fun visual playland, with dozens of cute animals that babies and toddlers will enjoy exploring. The I-MAT comes with one Voice Pen™ handheld pointing device. By touching the pen to the i-Mat™, the animals "talk" and songs play in three languages. (English, Spanish, and Chinese.)

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of the Baby Smart Hybak Booster Seat BabySmart Hybak

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130301-617

The award winning "strap-free" BabySmart Cooshee HyBak seat props-a-tot up and forward for focus and concentration! Kids think it's cool to sit on, which keeps them seated longer. With a contoured wide-angle base, skid-resistant circle-pods, side arms to prevent leaning over, leg-positioning for proper posture, and a snug higher-back design.
Image of the Bambinoz Bottle Warmer Pack Bambinoz Bottle Warmer Pack

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130818-532

BambinOz’ award winning Instant Bottle Warmer Pack allows parents to warm up baby bottles anywhere, anytime without the use of batteries or electricity. Leveraging a technology which has been used widely in the sports medicine, camping and fishing industries, the pad provides a heat source that is completely safe and non-toxic and is reusable.
Image of the Constructive Eating Garden Fairy Combo
Constructive Eating - Garden Fairy Combo

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130727-588

The Constructive Eating Garden Fairy Combo is starting off with being quite unique and Made in the USA. It has patented features that work with special utensils, ( which are also available separate ) to make eating fun and easier for children.
Image of the Baby Giraffe Crip Toy Baby Giraffe

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130830-677

A convenient companion to hold toys, bottles, sunshades & other necessities while providing an additional level of experience to stimulate an infant's developmental skils. With a fully flexible spine for the most natural and versatile positioning, it securely attaches to almost any high chair, car seat, stroller or crib.

Street, Surf and Turf

Image of First Bike USA

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120831-585

The FirstBIKE™ is the perfect training bike for developing your child's sense of balance and motor skills. This expedient cycle is the ideal companion for walks and discovery journeys, because young children can already keep up with their parents walking speed without trouble.

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of the Kinderfeets Push Bike Kinderfeets
Induction Certificate Number: 74020120629-584

kinderfeets are a wooden balance bike for children ages 2 - 5. It has no pedals or training wheels. Children kick off the ground as if running, thus pushing themselves and the bike forward. The kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike is perfect for learning balance, steering, coordination and independence.
Image of the Strider ST-4 Strider ST-4
Induction Certificate Number: 74020130615-676

STRIDER No-Pedal Balance Bikes were developed specifically to help toddlers and young children learn balance and coordination BEFORE pedaling. The simple, no-pedal design allows even the youngest children to learn to ride on two wheels, avoiding tricycle tip-overs and training wheel wobbles, and instilling considerable confidence and stellar bike handling skills sure to last a lifetime.
Image of the Trikke T67CS Trikke T67CS

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130615-675

The perfect ride for kids eight and up or smaller adults. This all polyurethane wheel configuration enhances speed and quicker learning. Steel frame also allows you to convert to larger poly wheels or to 8.5” air tires when ready.
Image of the Trikke T5 Trikke T5 Kids Carving Scooter

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120510-548

The amazing T5 helps kids enjoy a really fun, physical activity while building confidence and increasing their agility, balance and coordination. Equipped with 5” poly wheels and durable steel frame.

Toys, R/C & Specialty

Image of one of the Skylanders Giants Skylanders Giants

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-674

Skylanders Giants® builds upon the breakthrough fundamentals of Skylanders Spyro's Adventure® merging the physical and virtual realms with an innovative line of cross-platform toys with brains, which players everywhere can magically bring to life in the world of Skylands. Using the mystical Portal of Power®, players once again lead a team of heroic Skylanders in an all new adventure to save their world.

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of the Bionoc Blox Bionic Blox

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130629-583

Introducing...BionicBlox™ Foundation Kit, an architectural construction and building toy kit, produced by BionicBlox™. What sets them apart from leading products such as Citiblocs, or Keva Planks? BionicBlox™ have broken the barriers that standard wooden plank building kits have never been able to overcome.

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of the Endangered Species Eco Crayons Endangered Species - Eco Wedge Crayons

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-672

Bright, colorful, 100% natural crayon wedges that last! Kids will love using these multi-surfaced crayons for all of their coloring activities. Each crayon has 4 writing points and multiple surfaces to use for different width lines. Makes coloring large areas a snap! Easy to hold for artists with small hands, and older kids will love the unique wedge design too!
Image of Hape Crepes Kit

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-671

One of the best ways to get youngsters to try new foods is to make it using the sweet variety, with strawberry, kiwi, and banana slices to compliment scrumptious-looking cookie tubes. Kids can cook up a couple crepes, fill them with their favorites, and serve them in the crepe display holder. The set is made from felt and solid Maple wood, which is sustainably-harvested from FSC-managed forests. For ages three years and up.
Image of the HABA Color Whorl Clutching Toy HABA Color Whorl Clutching Toy

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130920-659

Your little one will be delighted with the Color Whorl Clutching Toy from HABA! This adorable clutching toy features naturally colored wooden pieces with brightly colored wooden balls connecting them! Made from maple and beech wood and colored with a water-based, non-toxic stain. Perfect for ages 10 months and up!

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of the Teddy's Shapes and Colors Game Teddy's Shapes and Colors Game

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130928-666

This is our newest game in our My Very First Games educational games designed for children as young as 2 years old. The game includes 4 double sided sturdy thick game boards, ideas for first puzzles, then ideas for both cooperative and a competitve version of how the game pieces can be used. Our instructions include many hints to stimulate the child's education through play!
Image of the HABA Sorting Box Animals HABA Sorting Box Animals

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130928-665

Four animal scenes on two templates. A sorting box with 6 wooden pieces. What is the favorite food of the cat, dog and sheep? Little explorers will soon find this out only as only the right food will fit through the corresponding hole of the sorting box.
Image of the Hape Farm set Hape Farm Family

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130830-647

Wooden figures, furniture and three strackable farm rooms encourage endless configurations and non-stop storytelling. A sturdy cardboard book gets imaginations humming with picture about a farmer's morning. 18 pieces.
Image of the Endangered Species Wet Erase Endangered Species Wet Erase Eco-Coloring Kit

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-670

The kit has 3 eco-friendly, animal themed colouring mats for use as a placemat or simply as a coloring mat for your young artist. The 4 wet Erase Crayons color like a crayon, but wipe off easily with a damp cloth, sponge or napkin. All contents are made from eco-friendly materials and not tested on animals. Packaging is made from 100% recycled PET non-bpa plastic.

Top TEN Products "5 Star Award" Five Star Recognition
Image of the WHape Walk Along Croc Hape Walk-A-Long Croc

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130726-641

The Walk-A-Long Croc happily wiggles alongside young walkers at the pull of the string. Hape's Walk-A-Long Croc is fun to walk because of it's wiggly nature and it's built durably to Hape's signature high-quality standards, constructed with Maple and Birch woods from FSC-managed forests. For ages 12 months and up.
Image of the Lay-n-go Light Lay-n-Go Light

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120615-569

Lay-n-Go LITE a activity mats, cleanup, carryall and storage solution in one for families both at home and on-the-go! Small toy collections are easily spread out, contained, and cleaned up at home, while visiting friends, in restaurants, on airplanes, in cars, at Grandma’s house, or wherever life takes you.
Image of the Lay-n-Go mat. Lay-n-Go

Induction Certificate Number: 74020120615-569

Lay-n-Go is an award winning (patent pending) activity mat, cleanup, carryall and storage solution in one for families both at home and on-the-go! Small toy collections are easily spread out, contained, and cleaned up at home, while visiting friends, in restaurants, on airplanes, in cars, at Grandma’s house, or wherever life takes you.
Image of the Hape Shapes Hape City Planner Blocks
Induction Certificate Number: 74020130830-645

Little builders can practice colors and counting when architectural wonders aren't being built with Hape's City Planner Blocks set from the Qubes line. The City Planner Blocks set from Hape contains 15 pieces made from FSC-certified wood. Graphics are screen-printed directly on the wood. Finished with child-safe paint. The packaging tote is made from acetate.
Image of the HABA Eggs HABA Musikeier - Musical Eggs

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130913-657

Shake it up with the Musical Eggs from HABA! Five brightly colored beech wood eggs, all with different sounds! Perfect for ages 2 and up! Age: 1 - 2 years, 3 - 5 years, 6 + years
Image of the HABA Duck Pull toy HABA Duck Pull Toy
Induction Certificate Number: 74020130913-656

This classic wooden duck pull-toy wobbles happily from one side to the other. The String is made of nylon. This little toy is an utter delight for your 1-2 year old child that they will enjoy playing with again and again.
Image of the Urban Canvas Build 52 Playing Cards Urban Canvas - Build 52 Playing Cards

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130920-663

Each card is printed with the standard numbers and letters, but leaves plenty of room for a child to add their own designs and symbol system to make a unique deck of playing cards! The fun doesn't stop there. Each Build 52 card has slots that interlock, bringing a whole new meaning to "house of cards".
Image of the Urban Canvas Butterfly Urban Canvas - Spring Butterfly Coin Bank

Induction Certificate Number: 74020131225-673

The Spring Butterfly not only has colorful deco pieces to assemble, it has the added feature of a coin bank at the base of the butterfly. With the Spring Butterfly, young girls will not only have a beautiful original sculpture that they can display, but they will also have a practical coin bank that they can use to save their money.
Image of the Hape Sushi Hape Sushi Kit

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130809-644

Young sushi chefs can prepare, serve, and enjoy a sophisticated sushi dinner with all the sushi staples: sushi, wasabi, soy sauce, chopsticks, and a realistic serving plate. The entire set is crafted to Hape's signature high standards, using wood from FSC-managed forests, recycled plastic, and child-safe finishings. For ages three years and up.
Image of the Wedgits Explorer Pack 125 WEDGiTS Explorer Pak 125

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130712-640

With the WEDGiTS eXplorer Pak 125, kids can build designs that help kids explore the outer-reaches of their imagination. Included is a hands-on instruction guide that offers "Wedging Tips & Techniques", and step-by-step instructions on "How to Build the X-Orbiter". These designs offer a new set of challenges for parent and child to work out the mysteries of the wedged structures.
Image of the Wedgits Tote WEDGiTS Junior Activity Tote

Induction Certificate Number: 74020130712-640

Whether traveling or just staying organized, the WEDGiTS Junior Activity Tote provides building ideas, word games and letter writing activities in one carry-along bundle. This set includes a wipe-off book and a set of WEDGiTS Junior Design Cards to aide in learning and practicing writing words, letters, numbers, mazes and matching activities for learning-value fun.
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