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Image of The Toy Man Product Guide Chief Editor, Rev. James G.W. Fisher

Rev. James G.W. Fisher
A Reflection of Toy Fair 2012

Wow! seemed to be the most common word spoken by attendees and exhibitors alike at Toy Fair 2012.  The combination of excitement and the seemingly boundless visual display of color and innvatve design in products was breathtaking.  It's no wonder that the WOW!factor™ was so intense for everyone who entered the show floors.

This article has been designed to help you get a brief reflection of the visual splendor that so many had the opportunity to experience at Toy Fair 2012 in New York.

With each day that passed at Toy Fair 2012 it was no surprise to find something new and unique to capture your attention.  As you can see in the images below, even The Toy Man® provided an unusual sight that was sure to dazzle the eyes of many.

Animated image of The Toy Man showing sponsor ads on his 40" LED screen at Toy Fair

  A Momentous Time Of Opportunity

This year's Toy Fair was a momentous time of opportunity.  The show floors created an atmosphere where every person and company had an opportunity. This was not just any opportunity mind you.  Rather, it was an opportunity to make new connections, learn more about the various products that could enhance product offerings for a retail store, or an endless range of other possibilities.

For The Toy Man® Product Guide, this presented a time of fortuity at the very least, to demonstrate how it represents the high bar in accuracy and respected International standards of product & online service recognition.

As you ventured across the show floors at Toy Fair 2012 it was plain to see that it was nothing less than a diverse assemblage of creativity and talent; a buyer's delight!

The Duncan booth had plenty of funFactor™ with one of their guests performing amazing tricks with a Duncan Yo-Yo. 

Diversity was such a common characteristic of this year's Toy Fair.  So much to see; truly a momentous time of opportunity and experience.

Best of all, no matter what field of interest an attendee might have had, they were sure to find what they were seeking and in an abundance beyond measure!  For many of the people our staff interviewed it seems that the same response was always to be expected, this Toy Fair renewed the faith and hope in so many where in the past it was lost. 

Things are changing with an upswing and excitement at a trade show is once again being seen. Many people feel that "...excitement and a sense of hope is postured so strongly that it seemingly inherent in the wonderful new and creative designs in products seen at Toy Fair 2012."


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  A Whole Lot More Than Just Toys!

Much as the way our tagline "It's a whole lot more than just toys.™"; Toy Fair 2012 was unquestionably a whole lot more than just toys!  Toys, games, apparel, R/C products, bicycles, and home furnishings are but a mere fragment of the entire list of types of products that could be found on the show floors.  So much to see that my staff were challenged to get to every single booth on the show floors.

Innovation was a serious element that contributed to the appeal of Toy Fair this year.  A perfect example of this was imPRESS™ Manicure by Broadway Nails with their press on manicure solution!

If that wasn't enough of a shift from toys, how about Thinking Putty from Crazy Aaron's Putty World.

Thinking Putty is a stress relieving, hand exercising, mind expanding, totally fun and addicting Thinking Putty!
Image of one of the staff members from 'Floppets' at Toy Fair Image of one of the staff members from 'Floppets' at Toy Fair

Despite all of the imagery a text already seen so far, there's still more to come including a special feature about Ron Weingartner, the veteran professional formerly associated for many years with Milton Bradley Company, (now a wholly owned of Hasbro, Inc.)

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  The Toy Man® "Recommended Products"

This is the point where a limited few find themselves to be the chosen elite at Toy Fair.  After careful evaluation, plenty of discussion and debate with our staff and volunteers, and results from our surveys during Toy Fair, we announce the products to be recognized as The Toy Man® "Recommended Products". 

These are products that have met our strict standards for originality, marketability, functionality, and price point in addition to numerous other factors considered in our evaluation.

The toy Man Recommends  Logo


Image of the Aurora Plush bears Image of the Floppets characters on feet. Image of the Endangered Species Wet Erase crayons and stone paper. Image of the Perplexus Epic ball Image of the Laser Pegs Bot.  
Image of the Moey's Music Party CD Case Image of the Waboba Flyer Ball that bounces on water. Image of Step2 Kids Slide An image of the Sidekix Bamboo Panda Image of Cyber Kids Club LIVE 3D Learning Cards  

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  Saving The Best For Last

Image of Madame Alexander's Dolls at Toy Fair

In bringing this article to a close, I always save the very best for last. I would like to feature a tribute to Ron Weingartner, the industry professional who was formerly associated for many years with Milton Bradley Company, (now a wholly owned of Hasbro, Inc.)  He is reponsible for many of the innovative games and other products produced by Milton Bradley Company.

Ron has been been around the block for many years in this industry with many major contributions to the betterement of the industry.  This year, Ron Weingartner participated as a part of the Creative Factor program at Toy Fair, on the opening day. His active participation in that event brought a wealth of knowledge to all who were present.  You can read more about it at http://toydreamers.blogspot.com/.


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Small image of Rev. James G.W. Fisher for article footer   Rev. Fisher is a seminary graduate ordained minister with a wide variety of specialties from prior graduate study and hands-on experience. He is currently the CEO/Chief Editor for The Toy Man® Product Guide.

Learn more about Rev. Fisher

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