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Image of The Toy Man Product Guide Chief Editor, Rev. James G.W. Fisher

Rev. James G.W. Fisher
GTS 2012 - Got Game?

Got Game? Well, almost everyone at GTS 2012 sure seemed to! With plenty of exhibits and a generous diversity of content alone, GTS 2012 reminded everyone what gamePlay™ is all about. There were a few exhibitors that really pulled the stops out in WOW!factor™ while others just continued doing what they do best; making people laugh and smile.

This article has been designed to give you a brief glimpse of what they missed for some and a reflection for others of the unique experience at GTS 2012.

This year at GTS it was all too clear that the show is continuing to evolve and improve in meeting the demands not just of the exhibitors but the retailers/buyers attending as well.  In the images below and the other content to follow, be prepared to discover an experience in gamePlay™ that is sure to tickle your funny bone and capture your attention.

The Toy Man in his power cheelchair and 40" LED Samsung screen.

  It Just Keeps Getting Better!

This year's GTS was yet another successful show according to the feedback we received from many of the attendees and exhibitors alike.  It just keeps getting better with a well laid out floor plan and diverse variety of content for buyers to consider.  If this wasn't enough, there was the various info sessions where retailers gained knowedge to help them get a better edge on securing more sales.

As The Toy Man® progressed across the show floor, there was never a moment of boredom.  There were so many creative new games, accessories, and so much more to gaze upon. 

Got Game?  Well, as you can see in the images, EVERYBODY was engaged in active gamePlay™ or defining for others what their products were all about.

Square Shooters, one of the many new kids on the block at GTS 2012, was busy as ever with attendees who just had to learn more about the game. Simply irresistable!

There was also the more seasoned group of game companies who were drawing plenty of attention as usual.

Altogether as far as the show floor portion of GTS 2012, it was an experience that was not only enjoyable, but it was one in which people were able to interact and learn about so many new concepts in gaming.  The show floor was a vital element of the mix that contributed to even further evolution and improvement for next year's GTS. 


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  Game Night Feature

Now this is where the fun really begins!...

Much as the show floor was so busy, so was the entire room for "Game Night." Unlike last year where there were a number of tables that had little to no participants, nearly every last table at this year's game night was busy with plenty of particpants, eager to jump into the gamePlay™.

There was a vast variety of games to select from to jump in and play to your heart's content that night.  Talk about excitement!  That was something that was far from lacking in this event!
Image of one of the staff members from 'Floppets' at Toy Fair Image of one of the staff members from 'Floppets' at Toy Fair

Despite all of the imagery and text so far, there's still more to come including our image gallery from GTS 2012.  Get a peak at many of the moments captured at GTS 2012.  Candid imagery that tells it like it is!  This is where a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

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  The Toy Man® "Recommended Products"

This is the point where a limited few find themselves to be the chosen elite at GTS 2012.  After careful evaluation, plenty of discussion and debate with our staff and volunteers, and results from our surveys during GTS, we announce the products to be recognized as The Toy Man® "Recommended Products". 

These are products that have met our strict standards for originality, marketability, functionality, and price point in addition to numerous other factors considered in our evaluation.

The toy Man Recommends  Logo


Image of Giza The Great Pyramid Game from Mayfair Image of the World of Warcraft Crown-Heavens Trading Cards Image of the Lord of the Ring Game Image of the Commander in Chief Board Game Image of the Magician's Kitchen game box.  
Image of the Looney Labs Oz Flux Game Image of the Donkey game box. Image of the Tsuro Tile Based Board Game An image of the Cutthroat Caverns Game Box Image of the Say Anything Family Edition game box.  

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  Saving The Best For Last

Although we have provided a nice variety of images from GTS 2012, that is but a mere glimpse of the event.  To put the icing on the cake so to speak, we now present you with a gallery of images from GTS 2012 to enjoy.

 More information animated image. - GTS 2012 Image Gallery

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Small image of Rev. James G.W. Fisher for article footer   Rev. Fisher is a seminary graduate ordained minister with a wide variety of specialties from prior graduate study and hands-on experience. He is currently the CEO/Chief Editor for The Toy Man® Product Guide.

Learn more about Rev. Fisher

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